Folk may have been wishing its demise for days now, but the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is still going strong. It seemed to have peaked last week, yet here we are with our fifth collection of hypothermia baiting Eurovision dare devils. Looks like the ice filled timelines are here for some time to come (as in not for ever, but still longer than the “Harlem Shake” lasted).

To check out our complete “Ice Bucket Challenge” archive click HEREFor an explainer on the reasoning behind the campaign and donation details scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here’s our latest round up.

Natasha St-Pier (France 2001)

András Kállay Saunders (Hungary 2014)

Pastora Soler (Spain 2012)

Charlotte Perrelli (Sweden 1999 and 2008)

Ryan Dolan (Ireland 2013)

Ira Losco (Malta 2002)

Raquel del Rosario Of ESDM (Spain 2013)

Michael Ball (United Kingdom 1992)

Viktor Király (Hungary’s A Dal 2012 and 2014)

Lara Fabian (Luxembourg 1988)

What is the “Ice Bucket Challenge”?

For those of you who’ve been living in a social media vacuum, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was started by the American ALS Association in July to raise awareness of the degenerative and incurable ALS or motor neurone disease, the campaign has completely snowballed over the last fortnight, as more and more people get involved. The challenge involves participants recording themselves pour large quantities of water and ice over their heads, posting the clip online, and then nominating others to complete the challenge within 24 hours, while making a charitable donation.

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9 years ago

The real question is not if this whole ice bucket thing ever ends one day … but if the pain and agony of those living with the ALS condition ever gets to find any cure or is that just an illusion in a beautiful fairytale …. ? At least something is being done to address the issue and makes us all aware of it … but you have the choice to ignore it and pretend it’s not even happening … other people’s problems don’t make you sleep less at night, do they? Soon we’ll be back to Conchitas and Danas… Read more »

9 years ago

Haha gotta love Pastora’s reaction, LA MADRE! 😛