Hours after Moldova confirmed it would take another turn on the Eurovision stage in Vienna, its 2014 representative Cristina Scarlat has released her new single, “Suspans” (Suspense). Talk about good timing!

The dance number marks an unexpected turn for the Moldovan singer, known mostly for her brooding ballads. While “Wild Soul” was a hymn dedicated to the the complexity of human nature, “Suspans” is a Romanian-language love story set to a funky beat. Miss Scarlat proves that she is not only a voice to be reckoned with but also a versatile artist who can bring it on the dance floor as well. We like this new Cristina and we are happy to see that she was not defeated by the fact that “Wild Soul” did not qualify for the Grand Final in Copenhagen. We certainly hope to see her try again on the Moldovan national selection O melodie pentru Europa, as promised!

An English version of the song and a video are also in the works, so watch this space!


Suspans lyrics — Cristina Scarlat

Vad un “acel ceva”
doar in privirea ta
orice ai inventa
stii ca m-as descurca!
spune-mi ce ai de zis
fac tot ce am promis
e un suspans aprins –
cere un compromis!

Nu ma mai tine-n suspans
nu, n-are rost
Nu ma mai tine-n suspans
no, no, n-are rost
te stiu pe de rost
tacerea e de prisos!

Tot ce ar mai conta
Este parerea ta
cand simt ca vrei ceva
si ma privesti cumva…!
Ai toate cheile
Eu am ideile
iar tot ce vrei sa-mi spui –
e dulce-amarui…

Stiu ca e greu uneori
sa-mparti o viata la doi!
si tot ce ar mai conta
tu sa imi dai dragostea

Suspans lyrics (English) — Cristina Scarlat

I see a certain “something”
Only in your eyes
Whatever you invent
I know I will manage!
Tell me what you have to say
I’ll do as promised
It’s a burning suspense –
it demands a compromise!

Stop keeping me in suspense
No, there’s no point
Stop keeping me in suspense
No, it’s pointless
I know you inside out
Your silence is futile!

All that matters
Is your opinion
When I feel that you want something
And look at me in a certain way…!
You have all the keys
I have the ideas
And all that you want to tell me
Is bitter-sweet…

I know that it’s hard sometimes
To share a life with someone!
And that all that matters
Is for you to give me your love

Photo: Roman Rybalev

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9 years ago

I love Cristina Scarlat