Zdravo! Dino Merlin fans are about to get happy. That’s because Dino Merlin, Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most famed and respected singer and Eurovision alum, has released a new song called “Sunce”, which means “The Sun”.

The entire video unfolds in only one place: a karaoke bar! In the beginning, a barmaid announces Dino, who takes the stage coming off as a humble redneck. The people in the bar don’t pay him any attention, but Dino doesn’t care and just carries on.

“Sunce” is a classic ethno-Balkan song. Like his Eurovision entry “Love In Rewind”, Dino creates a happy aura. As with so many popular songs, Dino uses whistles to give everyone a big dose of happy.

Dino Melrin — “Sunce”

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9 years ago

Thank you very much, great news, I love karaoke.

9 years ago

I liked this one a lot 🙂