Kejsi Tola — the beautiful Albanian who worked a wind machine at Eurovision 2009 — is back in action with her latest song Iceberg. Don’t be fooled by the title: this song is hot. She’ll compete with it at this year’s Kënga Magjike musical contest. Kënga Magjike is a very popular musical event that has been running for 15 years and was created by famous Albanian singer Adrit Gjebrea. This year marks the 16th edition of the contest, which will take place between 11-13 December at the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana.

Kejsi Tola — “Iceberg”

Iceberg Lyrics & Translation — Kejsi Tola

Qielli është i ngrirë dhe trupi dridhet // The sky is frozen and my body’s shaking
Ti më vjen përballë, pa fjalë unë mbeta // There you are in front of me, and I’m left with no words
S’dua që të ndodhë, // I don’t want this to happen,
nuk jam e zonja ta ndaloj // but I’m not able to stop it
Unë para botës dal, e pranoj, ti, vetëm ti më jep jetë // I’ll admit it now in front of the world, it’s only you who lives me up,
dhe nëse dielli humb, me dritën tënde më ndez // and if the sun gets lost, you light me up with your light

Ne vijmë në jetë nga dashuria // We come to life from love
Do të thërras nga lumturia // I’ll shout from happiness,
Kjo zemra ime si një oqean me dallgë, // This heart of mine’s like a wavy ocean,
aty je ti si një ajsberg i madh, i madh // and there you are like a big, big iceberg

Të dy besojmë tek mrekullia // We both believe in wonders
Nëse një ditë fillon stuhia // And if one day a storm will start
Do të shtrëngoj ne krahët e mi më fort, më fort // I’ll keep you tighter in my arms.
Unë oqean dhe ti një ajsberg, ajsberg, eja më shtrëngo // Me, an ocean and you an iceberg, come hold me tight

Ndjej që jam e gjallë // I feel I’m alive
kur fryma jote trupin ngroh ngadalë, ti buzët preke // when your breath my warms my body, you touch my lips
Si një lundërtar s’e njeh frikën // Like a sailor you don’t know what fear is
rrugën nis ngadalë // and slowly start your trip
Ne do të jemi bashkë më premto // We will always be together, promise me
Askush s’do jetë si ne // No one will ever be like us,
Kur emrin tënd dëgjoj në shpirtin tënd ti zjarr më ndez // When I hear your name a fire lights up my soul.

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8 years ago

From all the songs of the Kenga Magjike 2014 we have got so far, this one is the best, and most probably it will be the winner. Actually I would have liked Kejsi would have saved this song for Eurovision instead. Its a great song.

8 years ago

Someone indeed has to tell the Albanian broadcasters that this show has to be the selection proces. Maybe eurovision then will get more popular in Albania.

8 years ago

They need to send this to eurovision ! It’ll make it to top 10

8 years ago

Amazing! I hope she wins 😀

8 years ago

Why doesn’t Albania send a song like this to Eurovision? This is great, and I think this could have been a top 5 contender in Eurovision!

8 years ago

Kënga magjike should be Albania’s national selection for Eurovision honestly, the songs are much better and more modern, meaning Albania can definitely score higher in ESC. Last year’s winner Besa with “Tatuazh ne zemer” could’ve won ESC with an English translated version. Kejsi is an amazing musician with great songs (“S’jemi me atje” easily should’ve went to Malmö), it’s unfortunate her one chance at ESC was with a horrible song.