The Malta Eurovision Song Contest kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and for the past few weeks our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler has been catching up with ALL of them. This time he talks with Danica Muscat who is singing the song “Close Your Eyes”.

Hello Danica. Congratulations on making the top 20 in Malta. How do you feel?

Thank you very much. I am very excited and looking forward to share this personal song with all of you.

Your song is called “Close your eyes”. Can you tell us the story of behind it? How did you come up with it?

The song speaks about a mother’s love and how once the child grows up the mother had to let the child go but they will always be there to support their children. This song came right after I had my son Roen therefore singing this song to him makes it even more special.

Can you tell us a bit about your life?

Right now, I am focusing on my studies where I’m studying Maltese and Social Studies but I love singing and most of the nights I’m busy with a number of gigs.

You’ve tried your luck with MESC before. In fact, this year is your third attempt. Which of your three MESC songs do you feel most connected to and why?

I think each entry is special in its own way. “Seven Days” was my debut song and I still love it to bits and I thank Philip Vella for it. The song I have this year has to be one of the most emotional songs I have ever sung and since the lyrics have such a deep meaning I would say that this might be it.

You also made several attempts to represent Malta at Junior Eurovision. In 2007 you sang “Stolen”, a song based on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. How did you come up with such a sad song and how was the experience?

I think the Madeline McCann story gripped the country and Europe altogether. Being a little girl, I could only imagine how scared the girl was and I thought that by having a song about the subject would create more awareness. It was emotional for me to sing such a song and I like to sing such songs. The general experience was fantastic and a number of people still mention the song to me up to this very day.

Do you have a special place where you can relax and think about new music?

I won’t say I have a special place where I can relax. I believe sometimes you can be anywhere and relax.

Can you tell us anything about your performance and staging?

Well, it is a strong emotional song and the only thing I can tell you is that the performance will be simple. My aim is to deliver this song to the audience and to the viewers at home. I believe that with this type of song, less is more.

danica-muscatAre you a big Eurovision fan? Do you have any national and international all-time favourites?

I have been following the contest for quite some time. If I had to pick a national favourite it has to be Claudia Faniello’s ‘Pure’ whilst international I would say that I loved ‘Only Teardrops’.

Sadly, Malta have yet to win Eurovision. Do you think they could ever win, and could you be the person to bring them their first victory?

Well, I honestly think Malta can win the Eurovision Song Contest with the right song and performance. The country is literally Eurovision mad and we definitely can host it. We have hosted many major events and the Junior Eurovision this year is proof of all this. I honestly think we should only win it if we have the right song.

Have you listened to any of the other songs competing in MESC? Do you have any favourites and who do you see as your biggest competitor?

I’ve heard most of the songs and this year is possibly the strongest Malta Eurovision we have had in a long time. It will depend on the performances on the night obviously but I love the song by the nuns, I love the message behind it and I do believe they are my biggest competition.

Do you have a special message for your fans and followers on wiwibloggs?

Thanks for following and thanks for the excellent coverage you always give all of us.

Thank you for chatting with us Danica. Good luck!

Thank you really much!

Do you think that Danica Muscat will represent Malta in Eurovision 2015? Leave your comment below!


Picture Source: PBS Malta

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9 years ago

Amber, Christabelle or Raquel for the win but I kinda like Danicas song – its my 8th