The countdown for Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins — Iceland’s national final — continues, and today we’re pleased to introduce all y’all to Daníel Óliver. He and his band Cadem, which includes Swedish bombshells Emelie and Caroline, will perform the song Fyrir Alla (For Everybody). Daníel co-wrote the song with Jimmy Akerfor, and describes it as a pop/funk number. It was originally meant to be Cadem’s first official single in Sweden, but their agent convinced them to submit it to Söngvakeppni. Fate? Daníel admits that the song is departure from the music he’s used to composing and performing. He co-wrote the lyrics with Einar Ágúst Víðisson, whom Eurovision fans might remember as Iceland’s participant in 2000 (yes, the guy in the skirt) with the song “Tell Me”.

Tell me more about Daníel Óliver!

Sure. Daníel started his career on Icelandic Idol in 2005. He didn’t win, but he refused to let that slow his roll. He set to work on his own music, which has always been his main passion, and went off the Icelandic radar in the meantime.

But in 2009, he resurfaced with his first single “Dr. Love,” which he himself describes as “uber sexual”. The song was well received by the public and Daníel played several gigs all around Iceland, before moving to Sweden.

In Sweden, Daníel released his first major hit “DJ Blow My Speakers,” which became quite popular and led to Daníel performing all over Sweden as well as England. Last year he teamed up with the girls, and founded Cadem. The trio plans to release their first EP sometime next summer.

We at wiwibloggs look forward to hearing Cadem’s “Fyrir Alla” and wish them the best of luck! This will be a fun ride y’all, guaranteed!


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9 years ago

How are the Swedish girls gonna sing in Icelandic? Sure, Swedish and Icelandic are related but they’re very different, Icelandic is much more complex, while Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian are nearly the same thing.