Edurne – Spain’s contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 –  has taken on the challenge of Killer Karaoke.

The show sees singers perform under extreme conditions. Edurne began singing Mika’s ‘Live your life’ along with the other guest of the night, Miguel Martín, while receiving soft electric shocks. But don’t worry, the shocks didn’t fry her gorgeous blonde hair and she held her notes.

Her second performance was way more painful in every sense of the word.

Edurne did a rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ after losing a bet with Miguel Martín. But this time she didn’t get any electric shock. Instead, she was trapped in what could be a rejected set for Perry’s original videoclip: she had to sing while sitting in a small tank which gradually filled with snakes, frogs and other reptiles.

Still, she rocked the song. Sort of…

In other moments, you could enjoy a lovely Spanglish and screeching which would make Alenka Gotar and Malena Ernmann envious. After that performance you know homegirl’s gonna slay in Vienna. She also won’t need to worry about snakes: animals are forbidden on the Eurovision stage!

Edurne isn’t the only Spanish Eurovision star to have appeared on Killer Karaoke. Ruth Lorenzo (2014) and Toñi Salazar (part of Azúcar Moreno, 1990) have both appeared on the show and done their best to meet the challenge.

Ruth Lorenzo was asked to sing her Eurovision song ‘Dancing In The Rain’ between frogs and snakes. After this, we could rebrand it as ‘Panic In The Rain’. And yes, she indeed had rain on stage (how about that, DR?).

Toñi sang ‘Bandido’ (no sound delay here) in the rain as well, but in a rain of mustard, flowers, mojito and meringue. Quite a tasty mix, don’t you think?

Edurne is going to represent Spain in Vienna with the song ‘Amancer’, which is yet to be released. If you want a better example of Edurne’s singing abilities check out Your Face Sounds Familiar. Homegirl sounds much better.