Isa is one of the seven acts competing at Deltävling 3 of Melodifestivalen 2015 in Östersund this Saturday. Isa’s entry ‘Don’t Stop’ is high energy pop. Judging by her recent cover of ‘Bang Bang’, Isa has more than enough vocal power to back up the Super-Bowl claims swirling around ‘Don’t Stop’. With a previous appearance at Sweden’s national selection for Junior Eurovision 2011, Isa is sure to feel at home on the Melodifestivalen stage. wiwibloggs caught up with Isa to chat about her song, dance abilities and plans for her stage show…

Hi Isa, you are one of the youngest competitors in this year’s Melodifestivalen. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your career to this point?

I’m a girl who has always loved singing, dancing and performing. When I was only five years old I was a part of the Swedish TV show “the Small Stars”, in 2009 I competed in “Sweden’s got Talent”, and in 2011 I performed my own written song in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Since I was very little I have also been competing in different dance competitions, so being on stage has been and still is a big part of me. The last couple of years I’ve been writing and recording my own music together with different amazing songwriters and producers!

Isa Don't StopYou’ve been working on music in Sweden and the USA – would you like to have an international career?

I have always had the dream to work with music internationally, my entire life. I still dream about having my music heard worldwide, and hopefully Melodifestivalen 2015 will be the perfect start in order to achieve that dream.

What is your favourite music genre? Does it have an impact on your sound as an artist? 

My playlist includes 600 songs which are a crazy mix of genres, but my favorites are pop and R&B. It definitely impacts on my own sound. Listening to other artist inspires me to develop my own music!

Why did you think this year was the right one to enter Melodifestivalen?

Since I’m only sixteen this was the first year I was allowed to participate! I love my song and I am far more than ready to show Sweden what I’ve got!

Your song is called ‘Don’t Stop’ and you have previously mentioned it is high energy? What is the message?

The song is about a confident girl who gets too overwhelmed by the love for someone or something to not to fall for him, her or it. With the energy you’ll be able to see in the performance, I’ll show what positive effects love can have on you!

‘Don’t Stop’ has been said to be a Super-Bowl size number – will you put on a big stage show?

The stage show will be extremely happy and just as energizing as a Super-Bowl number. I always want to give people a show!

As a trained street dancer, has that inspired the choreography for ‘Don’t Stop’?

Absolutely! I have chosen my own choreographer, and I love the job he has done. Together we have found the perfect match between the happy pop song and street dance.

You wrote the song with an experienced team of songwriters – how did you come to work together?

We really clicked musically when we met in the studio, and all the way through the whole session, writing ‘Don’t Stop’, the energy was on top. I could feel that the song would be incredible from the start!

You enjoy painting – will there be an artistic edge to your performance on stage?

Yes, I can promise you that it will be very artistic, haha.

Who is your favourite Melodifestivalen act of all time and why? 

I have to say “Crazy in Love” with Jill Jonsson from 2003. I still remember how I used to imitate her dance moves and how I sang in English, despite the fact I didn’t understand a single word, haha.

Lastly Isa, thanks so much for the interview – do you have a message for all your fans at

I would like to say that if you’ll have the opportunity to watch Melodifestivalen this Saturday I can promise you that I will give you a huge show! Hope I’ll see you Vienna.

To follow Isa on Facebook click here, and you can find her on Instagram (@isaofficialmusic) and on Twitter @isamusictweet.


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9 years ago

@davved: You beat me to it. I’ve heard all 7 short clips, and I think she’ll have no problem getting to Andra Chansen. The last 2 performers (Kristin and Jon Henrik) will make it very hard for her to go straight to the finals.

9 years ago

I love her energy. I hope she makes atleast the second chance round!