Just weeks ahead of the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the contest has bid farewell to one of its earliest entrants. Ronnie Carroll, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, won the UK’s Eurovision selection in 1962 with his song “Ring-a-Ding Girl”. He went on to come joint-fourth at Eurovision with Yugoslavia.

Although France won Eurovision 1962, financial difficulties prevented it from hosting. The United Kingdom took up the honor and Ronnie Carroll managed to win his national selection for a second year in a row with his song “Say Wonderful Things”. His return to Eurovision really was a repeat: He placed fourth again.


Despite having songs in the Top 20 after Eurovision, he failed to achieve stardom, and soon found himself singing on cruise ships. He later sought to become a politician, but consistently failed to earn a seat. In 2008 he ran in elections hoping to receive 0 votes, but he actually received 29. He was due to stand in the upcoming UK elections. He was set to run in the elections this year too in the UK.

His biggest hit remains “Roses are Red”, which reached #3 in 1962.

Caroll was 80 years old. Our thoughts are with his family.

Image source: bbc.co.uk

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6 years ago

Real shame.

6 years ago

He should have had more acclaim in the UK, but it’s nice that his passing was at least noted on national news here