Eurovision star Aliona Moon is known not only for her power ballad “O mie” that represented Moldova in Malmö in 2013, for her amazing gown that won our projection dress poll, and for her incredible voice, but also for her beauty. As part of an Avon campaign, she graciously shared her beauty tips with the Moldovan customers of the cosmetics brand.

Aliona Moon Avon campaign 2

Aliona Moon was invited to test several of her sponsor’s products for two months and then she shared her experience as well as secrets from her daily routine with the readers of Moldova’s Fashion Guide website.

I start my mornings with a glass of water, some light exercise, ablution, my daily beauty ritual and a breakfast that includes fruit and vegetables. As we all know, beauty mainly comes from within, so I try to wake up with a smile on my face each morning, so the beauty ritual also becomes more pleasant. I clean my skin, wiping away any impurities and then I moisturize well. It’s also important to exercise, so that the skin is more defined.

The singer goes on to praise the products she tested — except the smell of a certain tonic lotion. The Moldovan singer doesn’t shy away from saying she doesn’t care for it. At least we know she’s telling the truth! Aliona ends her testimonial with some extra advice from her personal experience.

A healthy complexion will boost your confidence. I am more and more convinced that a beautiful person is a healthy person, so we must mind what we eat, how much we exercise, and respect our hygiene. My advice for women would be to stay natural, lead a healthy lifestyle and do what makes you happy, because positive emotions will keep you young and beautiful.

Judging by her looks alone, and we believe her. The singer’s serene beauty speaks for itself! Keep on smiling, Aliona.

Photo: Iuri Cazac

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8 years ago

Aliona Moon is just lovely <3 🙂
My #1 most favorite act from Moldovia <3 🙂
Her song *O Mie* in Malmo's Vision was wonderful <3
She is really beautiful person…Out & inside <3
Our Vision needs artists like Aliona Moon <3 🙂