Last night Viktor Király — the American-born singer who previously found fame in Hungary — made his way closer to the final of the The Voice USA. The hunky singer knocked out rival Cassandra Robertson in their battle round singing the song “Nobody Knows”. “I’m out of my mind, I’m very happy,” he told Blikk afterwards.

Viktor Király fans may have spotted this familiar face in the audience: It’s his brother Benjamin. See the resemblance?

Viktor Király brother voice usa

Previously, in his blind audition, the cutie performed Marvin Gaye’s soul classic “What’s Going On”, where he triumphed. All four celebrity judges — Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton — were impressed with what they heard and turned their chairs around.

While Gwen Stefani obviously had her eye on Viktor, he eventually chose to be part of Adam Levine’s team. The Maroon 5 frontman was the first to turn and said, “When I turned around, it was like “Oh, this dude wins!”

About Viktor Király

Eight years ago, the American-born singer Viktor Király came to Hungary and auditioned for Megasztár (the Hungarian version of American Idol). The talented and  very good-looking upstart won first place. Since then he’s dropped a steady string of hits in Hungary, and in 2012 and 2014 he competed at A Dal — Hungary’s Eurovision selection — and came so close to winning.

American TV viewers love a good story, and his Hungarian-American roots will likely play in his favour. Slay, Viktor, slay!

Viktor Király performs “Billie Jean” on Megasztár in 2008

Viktor Kiralys (The Kiralys) performs “Untried” at A Dal 2012

Viktor Király performs “Running Out Of Time” at A Dal 2014

Do you think he can win the show?


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8 years ago

Well, it’s by far especially for me and very highly probable for all of us one of the best covers of Marvin Gaye’s soul classic ” WHAT’S GOING ON” ……
(……War is not the answer, mother, mother, father, father some loving & talk to me)
Here is another studio version of full lenght 3:30 minutes: All I can say, enjoy it.