Chiara Martina Italy Junior Eurovision 2015

Twins come in two, but few come packaged with voices like those belonging to Chiara & Martina! These girls brought double the pleasure and double the fun to their first rehearsal, turning what I thought was a dated 80s throwback into something quite fun and, dare I say it, downloadable. The girls seem completely at ease during their first reharsal. They largely stood in place and sung to each other, occasionally spinning in circles around the other — you know, stuff sisters do. Their is an innocence that balances out their vocal power. Best of all, they didn’t sound as “shouty” as in some previous recording. Sisters slay.

The LED background features purple, red, and orange fan blades spinning with lights cascading down. Occasionally it cuts to a graffiti display that says “Viva”. It’s relatively simple, but totally works — a nice change of pace from some of today’s “busier” screens. The girls wore black boots, tights and skirts, and floral tops — one Scarpari with pink flora, the other with yellow. It should be noted that the girls have incredibly healthy hair: it glistens beneath those lights!

Junior Eurovision 2015: Italy’s first rehearsal

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Photo: EBU – Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev

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8 years ago

They will likely do better than anticipated with high scores from Malta, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and San Marino. Their voices complement each other and their composure elevates this rather middle-of-the-road and uninspired melodic composition that doesn’t capture one’s imagination nor stretches the boundaries of the mundane.
The next time we bring up Scandi-“Mafia” theories, we should also remember that Italy benefits from an Adria-Med “Mafia”as well and it all boils down to geoculture and not any preplanned collusion (not that there’s any realistic chance for Italy to win this by a long shot)

8 years ago

Song: 7/12
Live Vocals: 10/12
Staging: 6/12
Overall: 8/12