Kendji Girac Andalouse

For the second year running, France have emerged victorious in the annual OGAE Song Contest. Following in the footsteps of Indila, Kendji Girac secured victory for Les Bleus with “Andalouse”. 

The competition saw 31 OGAE fan clubs nominate an original song, released in the previous 12 months in their country and sung in one of the country’s official languages. The votes of individual members were than collated, with each national club awarding points in the traditional Eurovision style – 12, 10, 8 and so on. Kendji amassed an impressive 248 points, finishing a full 100 points ahead of the 2015 wiwivision winner, Ireland’s Markus Feehily. Poland’s Sylwia Grzeszczak, the UK’s Ella Henderson and Sweden’s Darin round out the top five. Surprisingly, the all conquering Taylor Swift could only manage tenth on behalf of OGAE RoW.

Before y’all get your hopes up for Kendji at Eurovision — he’s probably not interested! When asked about the contest back in August he said: “Actually, I have never asked this to myself. And with my return which will be very busy, I admit that I wouldn’t know how to respond to such a request.” BOO!

Kendji Girac “Andalouse” for France

OGAE Song Contest 2015 Results

For a detailed country-by-country breakdown  of the scoring, visit the official OGAE Song Contest 2015 web portal.

OGAE Song Contest 2015 Results

Poll Results

We carried out some polling of our own, which saw our readers crown Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo as favourite to win. There’s no bad blood between y’all and TayTay, as she secured second place. Ella and Kendji proved to be popular across the board, finishing third and fourth respectively. Slovakia’s Kristina completes the top five.

  1. Spain: Ruth Lorenzo “Resign” 14.96% (230 votes)
  2. ROW (USA): Taylor Swift “Blank Space” 11.58% (178 votes)
  3. UK: Ella Henderson “Ghost” 11% (169 votes)
  4. France: Kendji Girac “Andalouse” 10.47% (161 votes)
  5. Slovakia: Kristína Peláková “Ta Ne” 4.36% (67 votes)
  6. Sweden: Darin “Ta mig tillbaka” 3.9% (60 votes)
  7. Ireland: Markus Feehily “Love Is A Drug” 3.64% (56 votes)
  8. Greece: Giorgos Sabanis “Kanis den kseri” 3.32% (51 votes)
  9. Italy: Malika Ayane “Senza fare sul serio” 3.25% (50 votes)
  10. Armenia: Inga & Anush Arshakyans “Aprelu April” 2.73% (42 votes)
  11. Poland: Sylwia Grzeszczak feat. Sound’n’Grace “Kiedy tylko spojrze” 2.6% (40 votes)
  12. Ukraine: Svitlana Tarabarova “I Want To Live Without War” 2.6% (40 votes)
  13. Serbia: Jelena Tomasevic “Ime Moja” 2.54% (39 votes)
  14. Belgium: Kate Ryan “Not Alone” 2.47% (38 votes)
  15. Netherlands: Nielson “Sexy als ik dans” 2.34% (36 votes)
  16. Portugal: Mickael Carreira “Tudo o que tu quiseres” 2.02% (31 votes)
  17. Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya “Ya Zhiva” 1.95% (30 votes)
  18. Montenegro: Sergej Cetkovic “Novembar” 1.82% (28 votes)
  19. Turkey: Hande Yener “Sebastian” 1.69% (26 votes)
  20. Germany: Michelle “30.000 Grad” 1.3% (20 votes)
  21. Croatia: Pravila Igre “Nebo na mojoj strani” 1.3% (20 votes)
  22. Israel: Keren Peles “Rak Elohim Yishpot Oti” 1.11% (17 votes)
  23. Slovenia: Nika Zorjan “Po dezju” 1.04% (16 votes)
  24. Malta: Corazón “Jghidu kien hawn ragel” 0.91% (14 votes)
  25. Norway: Gabrielle Leithaug “Mellom Skyene” 0.91% (14 votes)
  26. Latvia: Janis Stibelis “Ir tik karsts” 0.78% (12 votes)
  27. Russia: Anzhelika Varum “Dva kryla” 0.78% (12 votes)
  28. Andorra: Acció “Tot està per fer” 0.72% (11 votes)
  29. Macedonia: Tamara Todevska “Tazna ljubov, srekna pesna” 0.72% (11 votes)
  30. Finland Jari Sillanpää “Sinä ansaitset kultaa” 0.72% (11 votes)
  31. Denmark: Wafande “Se Mig I Dag” 0.46% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 1,537

OGAE Song Contest 2015 Prediction video


Photo: Kendji Girac Facebook

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Cristian Scarpone
8 years ago

“Senza fare sul serio” is one of my fave songs of the year!

8 years ago

Taylor were my fav, close followed by Darin.
They were the best by far imo 🙂

8 years ago

Surprised to see Portugal so low. It’s a great song.

8 years ago

Song is rather good, and he’s very sexy 😉 Happy Ella Henderson came top 5, “Ghost” was a massive hit in 2014 and she’s a talented artist. One complaint, why is the talentless Barbie Kate Ryan top 10?

8 years ago

This has been my favourite song actually. So I am very happy a lot of other people like it too.