“The Next Star For Eurovision 2016”, the singing reality show that will choose Israel’s representative for Eurovision, continued auditions this week. After last week’s gay scandal, producers felt it necessary to start the show with a short apology, making it clear that they didn’t mean to offend the LGBT community (or anyone else for that matter). Once that was out of the way (and their lawyers were appeased…) we got to see some more special talents, including an ethnic Kurdish act, which didn’t make it past the finish line. Scroll down to find out who did make the cut. And if you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch up here.


Avi Eilot (Alush) & Shvachya Bat Israel

This duo has been making magic on stage for more than 20 years. They write and perform their own songs and even took part in Kdam Eurovision 1995 — the Israeli national selection contest. You can watch them work it here at 1:07:40.

Shvachya has collaborated and performed with major Israeli singers such as Shalom Hanoch and Rita. She also has 7 childern, 24 grandsons and 4 great-grandsons! She has given her family life and she gave us plenty more with her original song, “Don’t You Ever Leave Me”.

Ron Buchnik

Ron, 20, had an accident during his military service in the artillery corps and lost half of his little finger.

The doctors glued it back together, but it fell off, and he has kept his loose appendage in his wallet ever since. Will his finger bring him more luck in phase 2? We’ll see.

Hana Edri

Hana, 30, is a street singer who says she wants to reach your heart. Awww. She did just that with her Spanish-language performance of “Naci En Alamo” (“Born In The Alamo”).

Shlomi Levi

Shlomi, 17, loves to sing and to help his father in his Sabich (Israeli food) stand in the market. So naturally he brought the judges some food before singing “Eyn Li Ahava” (“I Don’t Have Love”). It really hit the spot. The audience loved him. He earned an impressive 90% of the votes and qualified for the next round.

Eylon Ftachya

Eylon, 16, was attacked by a pack of dogs six years ago. They bit his legs and arms and mauled him until his brother rescued him. Eylon had to endure several surgeries and has found solace in music. The judges weren’t so sure about his abilities, but eventually he got the ticket for the next phase after his performance of the song “Tam Ve’Lo Nishlam” (“Finished, Yet Not Over”).


The auditions will soon be over, followed by phase 2, where the judges will choose the finalists.
At that point the finalists will be eliminated every week until the grand final, where the winner will be selected.

Which artists do you like the most so far? Who do you think would do well for Israel at Eurovision?


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When I saw the picture of Hanas face, I thought she looked like Michael Jackson.

Robyn Gallagher

I want Ron to win, basically because in Stockholm I want to be like “So Ron, show me ur finger”.


Shlomi Levy is a carbon copy of ‘X-Factor’ 2014 candidate Ori Shakiv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y68jtHKyMn8 He must get rid of his facial grimaces. I’m sure he’ll be one of the 4 finalists because he just ticks all the boxes most viewers fall for. I can see Eylon Ftahia going far because he’s 16 and already nicknamed ‘The Prince’, so there must be something there… I find it odd that Avi Eilot and Shvachya’s participation in the 1995 Kdam edition was never brought up during their introduction, as if they were told to shut up about it and play along with the production’s… Read more »