Since December, we’ve been asking y’all to vote for your favourites in Eesti Laul 2016, Estonia’s selection for Eurovision. At the same time, the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of  music unprofessionals — was ranking and reviewing all the entries. The competition’s first semi-final airs tonight. Ten acts will compete, but only five will secure a spot in the final. It’s time to make some predictions!

Both the Wiwi Jury and the Wiwi Poll agreed on four qualifiers — Laura, Cartoon & Kristel Aaslaid, Mick Pedaja and Würffel. In our poll Kati Laev & Noorkuu took fifth place with their song “Kaugel Sinust”, but the Wiwi Jury did not appreciate them as much, dragging their entry down to ninth in its overall rankings. Instead, the Wiwi Jury favoured Kea with “Lonely Boy”, which finished eighth in the poll.


The best: I’ve had this song on repeat since I first listened to it. It ticks all my musical boxes. Electropop? Yes. Dark lyrics? Uh-huh. Haunting vocals? Yes. Charismatic singer? Hello! Head-bopping rhythms? Yeah! Dramatic key change? Yep. I am even going to ignore some clumsy lyrics like “we must have to choose”, because musically “Supersonic” is pop perfection. (Bogdan)

The worst: It is a decent pop song, but for me something is missing. There is no hook and I don’t know what to put my eye on. And let’s not talk about the lyrics. Why are we “supersonic”? A strong song, nevertheless, but it gets pretty boring at the end. (Mikhail)


The best: Now I might rant a lot in this jury and low scores are normal sadly but this is a big surprise. Not only that I really like the song title, no, I also like the song. The voice is really good and the beat gives me good vibes. It might be just my style of music but it is a great song for Eesti Laul. It will do well there but will it win? Who knows? It’s a good effort, in any case! (Patrick)

The worst: Nice song, nice beat, nice rhythm, but it is on this average “nice” level for me. I’m not a fan of club dance mixes and it is hard to grab my attention with it (but not impossible). However, this song doesn’t do it. (Mikhail)


The best: Is “Seis” a right song for the Eurovision? No, not at all but… who cares? I could have said exactly the same thing for “Love injected” the last year but it became one of my fave Eurovision entry ever so I’m here to support Mick Pedaja and his song, pure eargasmic emotion. This is possibly the best entry of this Eesti Laul! (Cristian)

The worst: I like songs that are a little different but what on earth is this? This sounds like something they would play at a medical clinic to numb your senses before they stab you with a needle. Strangely enough, a needle would be less painful than listening to this again. (Antranig)


The best: “I’m Facing North” is yet another entry into Eesti Laul that is so edgy and modern and radio friendly. Würffel utilise so many 1980s music elements and convert it into something that could easily be quite successful out in today’s music industry. (Josh)

The worst: Melody-wise it’s a good song, instrumental-wise it’s not. This song is so messy most of the time. It really distracts from everything they are doing. This song is not ready for the big stage. (Renske)

5. Kati Laev – “Kaugel sinust” (Wiwi Poll Choice)

The best: What a dramatic song! These magical drums make me believe in something. I can imagine it with some huge performance in theatre. Since the very first minute it reminded me of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. There is everything: an amazing ball on New Year’s Eve, clocks are ticking, a blizzard outside and a huge battle with rats! That’s right! Slay those enemies! Indeed a remarkable composition. (Mikhail)

The worst: The drama…. my God, it could be from the ’80s book of Eurovision. First of all, she is a beautiful young girl but she sings like reincarnated Willeke Alberti in a young body. Mama mia, this would be too much for Eurovision and people would fall asleep, I mean what can she do on the stage? Meanwhile I grab some cushions and take a nap. NEXT! (Patrick)

6. Kéa – “Lonely Boy” (Wiwi Jury Choice)

The best: C’mon, Estonian Kelly Clarkson! “Lonely Boy” is poppy, catchy and radio friendly. Kéa has a great vocal range and it suits the mood and style of this song perfectly. Because this could mesh too well into some other mainstream acts likely to be sent by other countries, I don’t think this would stand out very much in Stockholm, but it’s still a decent song. (Josh)

The worst: An interesting effort compromised by the chorus, which is not only underwhelming but also annoyingly repetitive. The singer has a decent voice, but unfortunately is not helped by an uneven song that goes nowhere. I would be surprised if it makes the final! (Bogdan)


  1. Laura – “Supersonic” 16.09%  (378 votes)
  2. Cartoon & Kristel Aaslaid 8.51%  (200 votes)
  3. Mick Pedaja – “Seis” 5.62%  (132 votes)
  4. Würffel – “I’m Facing North” 3.4%  (80 votes)
  5. Kati Laev – “Kaugel sinust” 3.02%  (71 votes)
  6. The Jingles – “Love a Little Bit” 2.89%  (68 votes)
  7. Zebra Island – “How Many Times” 2.38%  (56 votes)
  8. Kéa – “Lonely Boy” 2.21%  (52 votes)
  9. Indrek Ventmann – “Hispaania tüdruk” 2.13%  (50 votes)
  10. Windy Beach – “Salty Wounds” 1.7%  (40 votes)


  1. Laura“Supersonic” (8.11)
  2. Cartoon & Kristel Aaslaid“Immortality” (7.19)
  3. Würffel“I’m Facing North” (6.75)
  4. Mick Pedaja“Seis” (6.61)
  5. Kéa“Lonely Boy” (6.39)
  6. Zebra Island“How Many Times” (6.31)
  7. Windy Beach“Salty Wounds” (6.17)
  8. Indrek Ventmann“Hispaania tüdruk” (5.58)
  9. Kati Laev & Noorkuu“Kaugel sinust” (5.39)
  10. The Jingles“Love A Little Bit” (3.19)

Tonight’s show begins at 20:35 CET. You can watch on the ERR website


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6 years ago

Ewan, I feel slightly weird now as that’s exactly what I would have said. Those two are my favourite from this semi, but Windy Beach probably won’t qualify while Wurffel has a good chance.

I’d also like Mick Pedaja, Cartoon and Zebra Island to qualify, but I predict Laura will get in despite how much I dislike it.

6 years ago

Würffel and Windy Beach should qualify, but realistically that’s not going to happen. Both the songs are just so edgy and modern, I could even say pieces of art!

6 years ago

Laura, Cartoon & Kristel and Mick Pedaja will qualify FOR SURE! Who will take the remaining two spots in the final? I really have no idea, because there are many borderline songs this year, and it will completely depend on what their performances are going to sound and look like tonight.

6 years ago

My Qualifiers (in order)
-Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid
-Mick Pedaja
-Kati Laev & Noorkuu

6 years ago

Agree with bogtrotter’s ordering. I would probably leave out Laura entirely because I do not understand the fuss behind the song.
Would love Mick to do well.

6 years ago

I really like cartoon’s song but it’s still a bit disappointing compared to on and on which is one of my favourite songs at the moment. I also wish that since iiris and kerli wrote it one of them could sing it

6 years ago

I would put through Mick Pedaja, Würffel, Zebra Island and Laura – in that order of preference, though Zebra Island is clearly the one that’s least likely to qualify. I think I just don’t get “Immortality”, and I don’t really like “Salty Wounds” either. Kati Laev’s song sounds like a forgotten 90’s Eurovision Song, and I sort-of appreciate it. It’ll be interesting.