He’s got a baby doll face, but his dance moves are definitely street.

And on Friday evening, Melodifestivalen 2016 star David Lindgren once again showed us his charming mix of naughty and nice as we spoke after the international jury final inside Friends Arena.

The 33-year-old joked that his urban dance performance is “dirty” just like him and explained that he’s grown into the number in recent weeks.

“We have lighted up the dancers a little bit more and the lasers are a little thicker so you can see them better on the screens. We changed three different camera angles…and I gained two kilos on the biceps. Just kidding the stomach. I’ve been eating a lot of candy.”

He also explained his pre-contest rituals: “Me and my dancers always have a breakdance session before to warm up our bodies. We do 30 minutes breakdancing…I sing the song and I drink and I eat a banana just before I go on stage.”

David Lindgren: Melfest Jury Final interview

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