She’s fast becoming the queen of trailer music. Melodifestivalen star Ace Wilder has another of her song appearing on a film trailer, this time her 2016 Melfest entry is featured on the trailer for the upcoming film Bridget Jones’ Baby.

The comedy is the third in the series looking at Bridget Jones’ life as a single girl in London, this time dealing with motherhood.  The trailer kicks off with the quirky piano intro of “Don’t Worry”, playing under the recap of single girl Bridget Jones’ chaotic life. And if there’s anyone in need of hearing “Don’t worry, it’s alright”, it’s Bridget Jones.

Ace celebrated the song’s new home with a Facebook shout out:

This makes a trilogy of Ace Wilder songs appearing on film and television trailers. In January, her party song “Stupid” was used in a preview trailer of the TV series Girls. Ace’s ode to getting “dumb and drunk and high” was a perfect match for the show’s depiction of being all of the above in Manhattan.

At Melodifestivalen Ace told us that her sister discovered the fact her song was being used for Girls and recorded it on her phone.

Then in March, Ace’s 2014 single “Riot” was used in the international trailer for the animated The Angry Birds Movie. Ace’s general call for chaos was used as the soundtrack for the Angry Birds’ battle against the pigs.

But we suspect Ace won’t be the movie trailer queen for much longer. Last month she released her latest single “Selfish”, with a more subdued feeling to the party anthems that are getting a second life on trailers.

And with SVT having recently released details on entering Melodifestivalen 2017, fans are already saying they’d like to see Ace return for another shot at Eurovision.


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8 years ago

I call casus belli on Sweden if they sideline Ace for the third time.