She’s a Ukrainian beauty currently turning heads on holiday in the U.S.

But before Mariya Yaremchuk jetted off to New York last week, she kindly premiered her latest single “With White Paint” on Ukrainian radio.

The song takes the form of a letter to her ex, during which she recounts their torrid relationship, and marks the end with the white paint in the title.

“In the song lies the true philosophy of a relationship,” she says. “Although I am young, I equally have to learn to let go at the end of a relationship.”

Judging from her comments on her Facebook page, you get the sense the song is somewhat autobiographical.

“Working on this song, I was attached to each stage of the arrangement and details of the process, so every note and every sound characterizes me and some of my life,” she says.

Her previous single “My Spring” was sprinkled with references to her love for the Carpathian mountains — both lyrically and musically.

But here you can feel a real rawness in the rather dark track, which comes with mysterious verses and an electronic chorus that could have been produced by any chart-topping DJ in the States.

Everything — from the melody to her melodic vocals to the production — is more sober and endlessly more intoxicating.

It’s a reminder that the woman who sang “Tick Tock” at Eurovision can also do serious — and do it very well.

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(J)ESC Fanatic
(J)ESC Fanatic
6 years ago

I like the verses but the chorus is very repetitive and annoying.