Oh, remember the noughties? Back when velour tracksuits, Motorola flip phones and really, really chunky highlights were most definitely in? Those cringe-inducing trends may have (thankfully) died out, but the same cannot be said of the careers of our noughties Eurovision stars. These guys are in it for the long haul. Here are some of the newest releases from three noughties Eurovision acts. Enjoy!

Helena Paparizou “Zoi Mou (My Life)”

“Zoi Mou (My Angel)” serves as the fourth single from Helena Paparizou’s as yet unreleased and untitled sixth Greek-language album. Here she sings about her journey and her struggle, and where she finds her strength. In sorts, a thematic sequel to the amazing “Survivor”.

Helena’s rich vocals wrap themselves delicately around every lyric. But as we all know, this girl has powerful pipes and she is not afraid to show them off. The stirring ballad builds and builds, giving her every opportunity to flaunt her voice. We are not complaining.

The new track follows the success of “Fiesta“, the summery dance banger which has just hit the number one spot on the Greek Airplay Chart. Helena, who is currently in Gothenburg appearing in “My Way” with Claes Malmberg and Jan Malmsjö, took to Instagram to share her delight. Greece’s only winner thanked her fans and sent them love and kisses. Strong and sweet, she’s our kind of lady!

DJ Bobo “Get On Up”

DJ BoBo, ESC 2007’s resident vampire, has released the video for his single”Get On Up”, taken from his new album “Mystorial”.

The Swiss megastar’s newest track is funky and fresh, with a super fun music video to match. The video was filmed at Europa Park in Germany, and shows people of all ages enjoying themselves and the music. It is a shame that DJ BoBo did not release this earlier in the summer, as it has a real cocktails by the pool feel. But hey, who doesn’t love a good cocktail by the pool…in October?

Back in November last year when wiwibloggs interviewed DJ BoBo, he said that instead of writing music for a particular audience, successful musicians must let the audience choose them. DJ BoBo has inter-generational appeal and it shows. This man has sold over 14 million records, so he knows what he is talking about! In case you missed them, you can watch our interviews with him below.

Hripsime Hakobyan and Hayko “Qo Sere Mi Urish Ashxarh e”

Hayko was Armenia’s second-ever entrant when he sang (and bled) “Anytime You Need” and finished eighth in 2007.

He recently teamed up with Armenian singer Hripsime Hakobyan on her newest single, a gentle, guitar-led love song. Hripsime whimpers and pouts her way through her verses, until Hayko mercifully comes along to inject some life into the proceedings. This is fine as background restaurant or elevator music, but otherwise, I say next!

Hayko is currently one of the judges on Depi Evratesil, Armenia’s Eurovision selection process (read our review of episode one here). He sits on the panel alongside a host of Armenian Eurovision royalty, although from the photo below, he does not appear to be very impressed. Oh Hayko dear, cheer up, those three months will just fly by

So, have any of the noughties Eurovision stars stayed up to date? Or is their music better off back in the past? We love your opinions, so let us know in the comments below!


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7 years ago

Sorry, but nah. None of them was impressive.