In September she unveiled her highly anticipated music video for “1944”, which proved to be distinctly sci-fi and dystopian in treatment.

And on Wednesday Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala let us all see the hard work she put into the glitzy video as she published behind-the-scenes footage on her YouTube channel.

Jamala and her team shot in the Carpathians for three days, utilizing “Pamir” — an abandoned military base on top of the Tomatik Mountain.

Located 1,565 meters above sea level, the base took on a mystical feel as Jamala and her countless dancers battled rain, fog and strong winds. It’s no wonder Jamala has described it as the toughest shoot of her life.

Behind the scenes video

Barely visible through the thick fog, the dancers perform intricate choreography on slippery grass, popping and locking even as the wind beats against their gym-honed bodies.

Jamala somehow manages to stay in character and sartorially on-point despite the tough conditions.

On Sunday Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko sang Jamala’s praises on Facebook.

“Finally found time to watch Jamala’s new video for the song ‘1944’”, he wrote. “Fascinated by the powerful and soulful work. Thank you, Jamala!”

As politicians cheer her on, Jamala is busy doing her thing all over the country, including a series of concerts and performances.

On Wednesday evening she slipped into a shimmering cocktail dress designed by Georgian designer Bicholla Tetradze, the creative director of sought-after label Isabel Garcia.

The black garment featured a series of colourful circles in orange, blue and green.

Isabel Garcia’s official Instagram account commented, “Beautiful evening and gorgeous Jamala….always happy!”

What do you make of Jamala’s behind-the-scenes video? Are you still loving the “1944” video? And what about her Isabel Garcia dress? Let us know in the comments box below


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4 years ago

Did you mean to stress that the 2016 winner is a political puppet in soap bubble painted dress?
For how long is she going to chew her 1944 this way or another, I wonder.

4 years ago

Wow, wiwi has new Ukrainian blogger?