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We’re mere hours from the opening show of Melodifestivalen 2017.

Between the glittery razzmatazz and the schlager show tunes, the Swedish selection for Eurovision is always a highlight on the national final season calendar.

And this year’s contest has attracted even more attention than usual, as it boasts not one but two former Eurovision winners.

Eurovision 1999 winner Charlotte Perrelli takes to the deltävling 1 stage later tonight, while 2012 victor Loreen returns for deltävling 4 in three weeks time.

In honour of their return, we rounded up all the other previous Eurovision winners who attempted a song contest comeback via Melodifestivalen and asked you to vote for your favourites.

Following two months of voting and with 1,723 votes cast, the results are in.

Helena Paparizou is the Eurovision winner who had the best Melodifestivalen comeback, at least according to our readers. After winning Eurovision 2005 while representing Greece, the “My Number One” singer attempted a return to the contest in 2014, but this time singing for the land of her birth.

Despite having to go through the second chance round, “Survivor” became one of the breakout hits of Melfest 2014 and ultimately finished fourth.

This particular comeback received 729 votes or 42.56% of all votes cast.

Helena Paparizou “Survivor”

In second place, we have the woman of the moment — Charlotte Perrelli. She won Eurovision 1999 with “Take Me To Your Heaven” and returned for another go in 2008. “Hero” brought her Melfest triumph once more, although it failed to light up the Eurovision scoreboard.

Nonetheless, this comeback earned 374 votes or 21.83% of all votes cast.

Charlotte Perrelli “Hero”

Eurovision 1991 winner Carola Häggkvist rounds out the top three with her 2006 comeback. “Evighet” scored a respectable 355 votes or 20.72% of all votes cast.

Carola “Evighet” / “Invincible”

Y’all were less enamoured by the remaining six comebacks, which polled a combined total of less than 20%. They included further comebacks from Carola and Charlotte, as well as efforts from Norwegian Eurovision 1985 winner Elisabeth Andreassen and British Eurovision 1997 winner Katrina Leskanich.

You can see the full results below.

Note: We only included Eurovision winners that made competitive comebacks at Melodifestivalen after they won Eurovision.

Poll results: Which former Eurovision winner had the best Melodifestivalen comeback?

  1. Helena Paparizou (Melfest 2014) 42.56% (729 votes)
  2. Charlotte Perrelli (Melfest 2008) 21.83% (374 votes)
  3. Carola Häggkvist (Melfest 2006) 20.72% (355 votes)
  4. Charlotte Perrelli (Melfest 2012) 7.36% (126 votes)
  5. Katrina Leskanich (Melfest 2005) 2.34% (40 votes)
  6. Carola Häggkvist (Melfest 2008) 1.98% (34 votes)
  7. Elisabeth Andreassen (Melfest 2002) 1.34% (23 votes)
  8. Elisabeth Andreassen (Melfest 2011) 1.17% (20 votes)
  9. Elisabeth Andreassen (Melfest 1990) 0.7% (12 votes)

Total Votes: 1,713

How will the latest comebacks from Loreen and Charlotte Perrelli compare to those above? Only time will tell. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below.


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an esc fan
an esc fan
7 years ago

I’m talking about Carola Haggkvist’s religion and her membership in the controversial evangelical church Livets Ord (Word of Life).

(J)ESC Fanatic
(J)ESC Fanatic
7 years ago

@an esc fan

What are you talking about?

7 years ago

not for long… wait until we witness our queen loreen! <3

7 years ago

Helena slayed once again <3 She is worth it the title of Greek Goddess. That's how we call her in Greece. Survivor is the best MF song alongside Undo & Euphoria ever

an esc fan
an esc fan
7 years ago

I know that my comment will be hated, but do you know Carola’s religion?
Is a religion that despises people with disabilities, and people who live in poverty.