He’s known as Israel’s Golden Boy for his upbeat music and dance moves.

However, the atmosphere was somewhat different last week as the Eurovision 2015 star Nadav Guedj posted a Facebook video from his hospital bed.

Thanking fans for their concern, the 18 year old revealed that he’d been in a motorbike accident, leaving him with bandages on both of his arms and his leg.

Nadav Guedj in hospital

But don’t worry everyone, he’s alive! And… breathe.

According to Israeli tabloids, our man of Tel Aviv was involved in a collision with a car which knocked him off his motorbike and onto the road.

He was fully conscious during the incident, and broke his ankle and hand. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Nadav dancing in his golden trainers any time soon.

He is remaining in hospital for further observations and tests, but his condition is improving steadily.


Earlier this year, Nadav captured the motorbike in question for Instagram.

A photo posted by nadavguedj (@nadavguedj) on

According to Nadav’s PR Manager Ofer Menachem:

“Nadav was indeed injured in a motorbike accident and remains in hospital care with plaster casts on his hands and feet. However he is in a stable condition and he is thankful to all those who are concerned.”

Aww, ever the gentleman.

It may take a while before Nadav is picking up a microphone again.

Although our Golden Boy hasn’t had the best start to 2017, on behalf of the writers and readers of wiwibloggs, we would like to send him our best wishes for the rest of the year, and hopes for a speedy and full recovery!

Israel at Eurovision

Despite a string of 20th century victories, Israel has not had much luck at Eurovision of late.

However, that all changed with Nadav’s participation in 2015, when he took the country to the grand final for the first time since 2010.

Buoyed by the Golden Boy’s success, Hovi Star also qualified for the Saturday night show in 2016.

For 2017, Israel is using The Next Star format to select its Eurovision act. The process has already given us Nadav and Hovi, so the pressure will be on for the remaining four hopefuls.

The final is set for 13 February.

Nadav Guedj interview at Eurovision 2015

Images: mako.co.il and Eurovision.tv


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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago

Get well soon Nadav.