She’s the Macedonian beauty, hoping to take her country back to the Eurovision final. And Jana Burceska has been catching the eyes of many with her staging and outfits for the contest.

After her first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage, our William and Deban caught up with Jana for a chat.

 Jana Burceska — Interview after first rehearsal

Jana tells us about the cityscape back drop used in her performance. “We chose New York City, because it’s very modern…but it’s an old city, so it’s kind of retro too. It’s a perfect combination that relates both to the video and the meaning of the song.”

As for her staging, Jana says the song’s title didn’t influence anything. “We even discussed having more people on stage, but then we figured…that it’s better if it’s just me on stage.”

“I was uncomfortable with most of the choreography in the beginning, but every movement has its own description in the lyrics.”

Jana Burceska — “Dance Alone” (Semi-Final 2 Dress Rehearsal)

There were some early setbacks for the Macedonian team, though. Jana explains that the first rehearsal was missing some elements. “We had a big discussion around the effects, because we haven’t got what we were looking for yet. We were communicating with the sound engineers and the stage engineers — they are very helpful.”

“So by the time the semi-final comes, we’ll be ready!”

FYR Macedonia: Second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

With some new fancy lighting, we’ve seen Jana continue to grow on stage with new lighting helping the stage pop more. On the Red Carpet, she revealed that she’s feeling more confident too.

“I feel a bit more comfortable and confident on stage now. We’ve had so many rehearsals — working on the choreography, the singing. Even how eyes will move and which way to look, at what point in time…”

Nobody said being a Eurovision star was easy y’all — it’s work even away from the arena!

Jana Burceska — Eurovision 2017 red carpet

What do you think of Jana’s rehearsals so far? Do you think that she’ll qualify for the final? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!