Poll results: Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov is your favourite male soloist at Eurovision 2017

A total of fourteen solo male acts will take to the stage in this year’s contest. And four of them — Italy’s Francesco Gabbani, Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson, Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov and Portugal’s Salvador Sobral have emerged as darlings of the contest (and the bookies’ favourites). So earlier this spring we just had to ask you to vote for your favourite male solo artist at Eurovision 2017. After counting a staggering 18,295 votes we can now reveal that Bulgaria has come out on top.

He’s an absolute sweetheart and appears to be humbled by the love he’s receiving in the Eurovision bubble. The youngest competitor in this year’s contest, his vocal ability extends well beyond his 17 years. His entry is called “Beautiful Mess” but there ain’t nothing messy about him. With 3,701 votes, the gold medal goes to Bulgaria.

Second place takes us a little further into the Mediterranean, where we find a man dancing with a gorilla. That’s right, it’s Francesco Gabbani from Italy.

A fan favourite throughout the entire Eurovision 2017 season, Francesco has cemented himself as a front runner in this year’s contest with a catchy song, uniquely raspy vocals and a charming smile. Francesco gained 2,772 votes, earning him second place.

Third place goes to the man who can’t go on, but we think he is freaking beautiful.

Robin Bengtsson from Sweden smashed the competition in Melodifestivalen earlier this year, allowing him to perform his pop-tastic entry “I Can’t Go On” in Kyiv.

He is slick, stylish and handsome and his vocal abilities whilst performing on a treadmill are to be commended. Robin received 1,942 votes, landing him in third place.


  1. Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov with “Beautiful Mess” (3,701 votes, 20.23%)
  2. Italy – Francesco Gabbani with “Occidentali’s Karma” (2,772 votes, 15.15%)
  3. Sweden – Robin Bengtsson with “I Can’t Go On” (1,942 votes, 10.61%)
  4. Portugal – Salvador Sobral with “Amar Pelos Dois” (1,845 votes, 10.08%)
  5. Israel – IMRI with “I Feel Alive” (1,224 votes, 6.69%)
  6. Ireland – Brendan Murray with “Dying to Try” (1,155 votes, 6.31%)
  7. Australia – Isaiah with “Don’t Come Easy” (1,052 votes, 5.75%)
  8. Slovenia – Omar Naber with “On My Way” (899 votes, 4.91%)
  9. Hungary – Joci Papai with “Origo” (838 votes, 4.58%)
  10. Cyprus – Hovig with “Gravity” (832 votes, 4.55%)
  11. Austria – Nathan Trent with “Running On Air” (777 votes, 4.25%)
  12. Montenegro – Slavko Kalezic with “Space” (469 votes, 2.56%)
  13. Croatia – Jacques Houdek with “My Friend” (455 votes, 2.49%)
  14. Spain – Manel Navarro with “Do It For Your Lover” (334 votes, 1.83%)