One finished as runner-up at Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2017 while the other crashed out in last place during the first-semi-final.

But now Nano and Charlotte Perrelli finally have something thing in common: Headlining the first show of Sommarkrysset 2017, the Swedish summertime singalong show broadcast live every year from Gröna Lund.  

Charlotte Perrelli at Sommarkrysset 2017

During the show, which was broadcast over the weekend, Charlotte took the opportunity to plug her latest release “Mitt Liv”, the title track from her EP and her failed Melfest 2017 entry.

Joined by backing dancers sporting flower crowns, the two-time Melfest champ gave a spirited rendition of “Spår i sanden”. It’s a country bop, a world away from the dreariness of “Mitt Liv” and gives the schlager diva more to work with on stage.

If the music was wide off the mark, her look wasn’t. Sporting gorgeous gold earrings and a bright floral look the “Hero” singer sparkled on stage. Let’s hope this hints at a return to her schlagerqueen roots in the near future.

Nano at Sommarkrysset 2017

Melodifestivalen 2017 televote winner Nano made few changes to his polished performance from Sweden’s national selection in March.

Unlike eventual winner “I Can’t Go On”, this performance doesn’t make you move — it’s about his voice moving you. And to that end, Nano sealed the deal with stationary zeal, creating an intense performance, elevated by an expanded choir unrestrained by Melodifestivalen’s 8-person on stage limit.

He engaged the audience musically and emotionally — the bridge-lifted-by-a-handclap segment had the audience enthralled.

This week’s blast from the Melodifestivalen past came courtesy of Magnus Uggla, who made it to Andra Chansen in 2007, losing out in his duel against Sona Aldén. He’s back this year with a new track “Dyngrak”.

As appearances at Sweden’s summer shows often foreshadow appearances at Melodifestivalen, he may well be among the crop of acts announced for Melodifestivalen 2018 at the end of the year.


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6 years ago

“I Can’t Go On” (y)

the impossible game
6 years ago

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rolling sky
7 years ago

The program seems more successful with the emergence of Nano and Charlotte Perrelli. Thanks for the news!

7 years ago

Even with some amazing entries this year (like Portugal and Belgium) I still think that “Hold On” is 2017’s best song.

7 years ago

“Hold on” still a great song.
Nano would’ve got a deserving Top 5 for Sweden (and without any jury help).