The bulk of summer has past, leaving only August to come. And while we’ve definitely enjoyed our summer holidays, we’re just a tad envious of some of our beloved Eurovision stars, who have been here, there and everywhere.

Some have been on tour, some have been in foreign studios working on albums and some have simply been sunning in exotic climes. We’ve gone through their Instagram accounts and have discovered so many amazing travel photos that we just have to share them. So let’s take a look and see where the stars go for some rest and relaxation.

Zoë Straub (Austria 2016) — Trieste, Italy


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She had eyes popping in 2016 as she worked the Eurovision promotional trail with her boyfriend Kaspar. And last week the French-singing Austrian girl Zoë was sharing more romantic times with him in the no less romantic Italy. We love these two!

Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013) — Santorini, Greece

In the summertime Swedes leave their Nordic homeland and venture South. It’s an annual migration of blue and yellow (and a lot of burnt pink, as they don’t always handle the sun well). Sweden’s Eurovision 2013 representative Robin Stjernberg isn’t an exception — he’s enjoying his holidays in sunny Greece on the beautiful Santorini island.

Alma (France 2017) — Yereven, Armenia and Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017 winner Alma may reside in France — the world’s most-visited tourist destination — but even she needs to get out from time to time. And she decided to head east on a post-USSR tour through the Armenian capital of Yerevan and Russian’s “second capital” Saint Petersburg. As you’d expect, she turned the sidewalks into a runway all her own…

Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016) — Kadriye, Turkey and Porto, Portugal

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He’s a name known and loved among Eurovision fans from East to West. So it’s only natural that this singer and father-of-one went on holiday in the Eurovision 2017 winning nation of Portugal. And for Sergey — the hardest working man in Russian showbiz — it was obviously not to have some rest on the beach or to take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, but rather to work. He’s been shooting a music video with Alan Badoev, one of the most acclaimed Russian and Ukrainian music video directors. Was it a music video for Sergey’s latest single “Lucky Stranger”? We can only guess, but we’ll find out soon for sure.

Maja “Amaya” Keuc (Slovenia 2011) — Iceland

The Slovenian popstress who now resides in Sweden is relishing in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland at the moment. Amaya is equipped with a professional camera and is surrounded by incredible views — we expect a lot of lovely pictures soon!

Mariya Yaremchuk (Ukraine 2014) — USA and Mexico

| UP & DN amplitude | #cali

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Mariya’s pics have always left us speechless and she’s more than proven she can dazzle in any setting (even without that hamster wheel).

The Ukrainian beauty is currently exploring North America. Her selfies — set along the prettiest American beaches and most stunning Mexican landscapes — are definitely worth your Instagram likes.

Eric Saade (Sweden 2011) — Vis, Croatia

At Eurovision 2011 he wanted nothing more than to be “Popular”. And popular Eric is. He’s travelled to Croatia with his girlfriend Nicole Falciani, Melodifestivalen star Viktor Frisk and Swedish personality Ellen Bergström as a part of an ad campaign. Their yacht trip is a total dream — the company of friends, fancy food, blue sea and so much fun (all on someone else’s dime). We’re jealous!

Getter Jaani (Estonia 2011) — Thailand

Hei mu kallid! Tervitused teile kõigile Taist! Ikka päikest, Teie Getter.

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Back at Eurovision 2011 she was a little girl singing about fairytales. Now Getter is living the fairytale in Thailand, where she has indulged in exotic fruits, taken spiritual inspiration (and a few selfies) alongside the country’s spellbinding statues of Buddha. Find that centre and say ommmmm.

Douwe Bob — Tel Aviv, Israel

Vakantie!! #? #?

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Guitar player, bar owner and now tourist — Douwe Bob isn’t the most prolific poster on Insta. In fact, on Sunday he shared just a sunny beach pic and this snap of him downing a beer inside an airport waiting lounge ahead of his trip to Israel. We’re loving it anyway. He’s hot in Tel Aviv and we wish him a safe trip.

Polina Gagarina (Russia 2015) — Turkey and France

Another Russian star on the list, no-drama Polina has escaped the Russian cold and headed to Turkey and France. She went with her husband, son and probably her baby girl Mia. Those are some major family goals right there. Enjoy the sun, Polina!

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Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina
6 years ago

I’m not surprised Robin Bengtsson chose such a basic destination! Alma is serving taste in destinations, whew, Saint Petersburg slays and Armenia is on my bucket list and I might go there next year for Easter.

Polina is literally on vacation all year long, she spent half of 2017 at the Maldives so far lmao love her

6 years ago

Porto is one of my favourite places ever … I wish MEO arena was there.

6 years ago

and people like me with no money enough to spend with a precarious job are in my city to work . unhappy holidays to all

6 years ago

Well i am big fan of Eric but dude every day he is in vacations.(if you check his Instagram profile u would believe me).Please we need new music,Nicole made him lazy-he only cares for vacations

6 years ago
Reply to  Christina

He must be waiting for any swedish producer to recycle any pop song out there right now in order to turn it into his new potential new single … I presume …

6 years ago

OK – Loin d’ici is a bad schlager. But what a lovely and hot woman Zoe is 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Kermit

And whoever said that Loin D’ici was in any shape or form a schlager song?? Gross!!