Croatia’s composers urge HRT to bring back Dora…as some fans call for Lorde at Eurovision 2018


Ever since Croatia shelved its national selection Dora back in 2012, fans and music enthusiasts have called for its return. Despite the pair of good results that the country has achieved at the last two editions of the Eurovision Song Contest, Croatian Eurofans still want HRT to revive the beloved festival — thereby giving viewers input on the country’s singer.

And earlier this week the idea received professional backing from the Croatian Composers’ Society (HDS) and its Office for the Protection of Music Copyright (ZAMP).

“Last year’s selection went pretty much unnoticed and I think that it is much better to organize something suited for the audiences that love popular and fun music,” Sinisa Skarica, a producer at Croatia Records, told 24Sata.

Skarica considers Dora the perfect platform to promote new artists and songwriters, while also selecting an act for Eurovision.

“Perhaps the system the British had for years would work. They would pick the artist and then open a selection for songwriters who would submit songs for that particular artist.”

He also prefers the openness and transparency of such a process, citing how “shady” recent selections of songs and artists has been.

HRT, Croatian public broadcaster, explained its internal selection process in a brief statement:

HRT, as the governing body for the selection of the Croatian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, defines the way of choosing the song for that music competition every year.

Croatian Radiotelevision decided to go with an internal selection of both songwriters and songs that would compete in Eurovision since Dora, which had been the selection process for more than ten years in a row, had not given expected results.

Lorde at Eurovision?

Croatian Eurovision fans hope that HRT will select Lorde as their representative for next year’s event in Lisbon. The “Royals” hitmaker, who is of Croatian origin through her mother, has recently been given Croatian citizenship, which has fuelled the hype.

“My mother is Croatian,” Lorde told WTF earlier this month. “There’s like 100,000 Croats in New Zealand and lots of them have been there for a long time….so yes, I’m Croatian and I have Croatian citizenship.”

However, the New Zealand-born pop star said that she believed she had been given citizenship for being a “fancy, famous Croatian.”

“I think they hooked me, so to speak.”

Lorde — “Perfect Places”

Ksenija Urlicic, the editor of entertainment programmes at HRT, points to the success of the country’s recent internal selections.

“The answer is very clear and it can be concluded from the results we had with Dora and those we have had now that we choose our songs the other way.”

Still, she believes that Croatia had better songs in the times of Dora than it does now, although the results have been better with the songs she is less fond of.

“Dora became our authentic product. The audience was included in the selection process and supported their own musical idols, and we were also giving young composers a chance to showcase their abilities.”

Urlicic confirmed there are leanings at HRT to bring Dora back, and added that she personally would support that idea.

“People still remember Dora, although it has been gone for years now.”

What do you think? Do you want Dora to return? And would you like to see Lorde on the Eurovision scene? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Photo credits: RTVE, Billboard