In 2011, Eldar Qasimov won the Eurovision Song Contest in a duet with Nigar Jamal for his home country, Azerbaijan. Since then, he has co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, performed at the closing ceremony of the Islamic Games, as well as in several countries including Turkey and Kazakhstan.

This week, Eldar is revisiting what he loves to do the most — singing with deep emotion. In his latest track “I Miss You”,  he strips back on production. This piano-led track delves into his emotional side and reveals a more vulnerable Eldar.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Eldar explains:

I wrote the lyrics to “I Miss You” in an hour. Actually, I thought I would explode in a second. So often new emotions turn old, and even the most beautiful emotions, turn to dust. But this is not another sad song that you need to listen to and sob. When writing this song, I wasn’t looking for reciprocity or understanding. It is a song about me expressing gratitude for spending some time with the one I love.

The music video for “I Miss You” was shot over two days in two Azeri cities 200 miles apart; Baku and Nabran. Aisel — who represents Azerbaijan this year at Eurovision — and Givi Usenashvili handle the sound production.

Eldar explains:

“I Miss You” is a very personal tale of mine. I’ve poured my soul and personal drama into it. I’ve always wanted to tell a story that listeners will recognise in their personal lives. But I also wanted to add something new — missing a loved one does not mean not always mean moving on. Loss and sadness can also be beautiful.

The video was shot by Prime Pix Media, and directed by Ilkin Shirinli. Singing “I Miss You” comes natural to me, and marks a new musical direction I am taking. My heart could be broken but it makes me stronger. I am proud of the fact that my heart is still a heart. Yes, it is covered in scars but it will never be a stone inside.”

“I Miss You” lyrics – Eldar Qasimov

You know I’m still from my head to toes
Missing my baby
You know how hard I’ve tried to let you go
I blew it again
It’s hard to tell but I don’t wanna fight
Don’t wanna run from myself
‘Cause in my heart I still call you mine

I lose my pride but I won’t hide
That I can’t get you out of my mind
I wiped my tears, I fought my fears
But why it gets colder every night
There’s broken faith, we quit the game
But anyway rules must be obeyed
Thought I’m all through but I need you
I don’t know what else there’s to say
I miss you every day

I hold my breath to hear your voice again
It’s playing inside my head
I smell your side to catch once your scent
You know I can no longer see your eyes
Or hold you in my hands tight
But in my heart, I still call you mine

What do you think of Eldar’s latest single? Do you prefer his emotional ballads to his previous efforts? Let us know in the comments section below.


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4 years ago

Nice song!

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
4 years ago

I hope Eldar is okay. Those lyrics are really sad. There’s career and there’s personal life; I hope he doesn’t sacrifice his own happiness for his career.
Great video though. 🙂