She is IKEA’s most famous employee. And today Belgium’s SENNEK comes closer to super stardom when she takes to the semi-final one stage at Eurovision 2018.

Our William talked to her some days ago.

“I felt like coming home”, she commented on rehearsing “A Matter Of Time” on the Altice Arena stage for the first time. “I was finally being on that stage and I was so happy with the position that I picked up”.

On her make-up coming across as a little pale, the singer states that her team is still testing as she likes to “check some artsy stuff”.

“I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s me.”

“Black and white is really my thing. It’s always been like this because I feel so comfortable in it.” The different contrasts coming together to create a comfortable and honest stage presentation.

“It’s being there and telling your story and the chorus is about coming out and it’s going to crash and the tension is there. And then you take it back into the narrative thing to this teasing and big chorus.”

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4 years ago

I love Sennek’s song and all, but I personally think her outfit looked awful. Still, I was pretty upset when she didn’t qualify for finals.

4 years ago

Well, she didn’t feel confident yesterday.

4 years ago

I adore Laura! She’s such a sweet, energetic, powerful, beautiful, yet humble and thoughtful person. She’ll be slaying tonight and in the final. She likes Jamala and Madame Monsieur and I can only salute her for it, because she proves not to only know the art of music, but the heart and soul of it too. Good luck, Sennek! We’re so rooting for you!!!