Sometimes love can be painful, but Kaliopi is here to prove that even the most cumbersome relationships can still be beautiful, in her new single “Presuda” (Judgement).

Serving all kinds of emotions and feelings, the two-time Eurovision representative of FYR Macedonia is back after nearly a year of absence. The song was released a few days ago on Kaliopi’s official YouTube channel and was composed, written, arranged and produced by her ex-husband Romeo Grill, who was also responsible for her two Eurovision entries.

The song is a delicate yet powerful one.  Starting off with the gentle chimes of a piano, Kaliopi gracefully takes us through the hardships of love with her iconic voice.  The song might appear to start off as just a normal ballad, but as it progresses, more and more elements are added in to contribute to the story of a turbulent relationship.

In many ways it is somewhat reminiscent of “Crno i Belo” wherein the iconic electric guitar is thrown into the mix to stir up emotion and drama. Ultimately, however, the message to take from Kaliopi’s heart-felt ballad is that, beauty and marvel can exist in even the most difficult of situations.

Speaking to the Serbian website, Kaliopi said the following about her new song:

“I relished every note, every letter and every word in this song.  “Presuda” is a melancholic love song. However, I discovered that sometimes even sad love affairs can be beautiful.  I vehemently believe that the song will appeal to the public and will maybe be somewhat able to find themselves within it.  I want to thank Romeo Grill, who, once again, masterfully and skilfully managed to touch my heart, soul and that which makes me immortal.”

The song’s music video features Kaliopi strolling though a park, amid the autumn leaves. She also has a new hair style. While her trademark fringe remains, her hair has been chopped into a shorter bob. It brings a sophisticated new look for the Macedonian star.

Kaliopi will perform “Presuda” live for the first time at her upcoming concert in Belgrade, set to take place on November 23rd. Make sure to have a listen to the song and a read through a rough translation of the lyrics below

“Presuda” lyrics — Kaliopi

Original lyrics

Daleko si sunce moje
Umorna sam nemam volje
Da se probudim

Pođem stanem pa se vraćam
Nekom gore kaznu plaćam
Da te ne vidim
Tebe izgubim

Sudio si nisi znao
Šta je presuda
Plakala sam more suza
Al sam ćutala

Varao si đavo merak
Grom te ubio
Sada znam da ti si samo
Mene ljubio … al izgubio

Eh da mi je eh da mogu
Ja bih sada gore bogu
Da se pomolim

Želja mi je samo jedna
Duša mi je tebe žedna
Da te zagrlim
Tebe poljubim sudio si

English translation

My sun you’re far away
I’m tired, I have no will
To wake up

I leave, I stop, then I come back
I’m paying the fines to someone above
So as not to see you
I’m losing you

You judged, you didn’t know
What a judgement was
I cried seas of tears
But I stayed quiet

You cheated, on a devil’s whim
Thunder struck you
Now I know that you just
Loved me…but lost me

If I could
I would go up to God
To pray

My desire is just one
My soul aches for you
To embrace you
To kiss you, you judge
















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4 years ago

She should be chosen for Eurovision again. She got FYR Macedonia into the final in 2012, almost made it again in 2016 (11th), and maybe she can break the current NQ streak.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
4 years ago

Expert musicality from Kaliopi. 🙂