Eurofans know her for three apperances at Melodifestivalen and her ethereal other-worldly voice. 

But before Melfest, Mariette rose to fame on Idol and on Friday night returned to that stage for celebrity duet week.

And her performance of “Shallow” with hot favourite William Segerdahl has taken Sweden by storm.

The track, originally performed by Grammy-winner Lady GaGa and Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, has already been a chart hit around the world.

Now Mariette and William Segerdahl’s version of “Shallow” is a YouTube hit too: Their performance has racked up over 200k views since Friday night’s episode.

That’s over double the next highest viewed clip from the episode.

Serving kimono-she-better-do realness, Mariette gave her part of the track real soul, adding a grit underneath William Segerdahl’s impressive falsetto vocals.

Mariette shared her thoughts on the experience in a string of candid posts on her Instagram page.

In a post from Thursday, she said William’s voice is like “honey” and shared her excitement at returning to the Idol stage:

Post-performance she shared how proud of William she was and praised his good nature:

And most recently, Mariette thanked fans for their positive reception to the cover of “Shallow” and gave special attention to William’s fabulous falsetto:

Melodifestivalen stars on Idol

Mariette was not the only Melodifestivalen star in action at Idol on Friday night.

Wiktoria, Felix Sandman and Benjamin Ingrosso all took to the stage to help out on covers of contemporary chart hits.

Wiktoria covered a Sam Smith song, Benjamin sang a Maroon 5 track and Felix duetted on a cover of “Hurt Somebody” by Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels. The fantastic four were also joined by Hannah Ferm who appeared on Idol last year and Norwegian star Astrid S, who also performed her new single “Emotion”.

Unfortunately Benjamin’s duet partner Nathalie was knocked out of the show on Friday night. Idol stars have a habit of appearing on Melodifestivalen though so we may see more from her soon.

What do you think of Mariette and William’s performance? Are you going GaGa for it or do you think poeple are crazy? Let us know in the comments below!


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Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt
2 years ago

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ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
3 years ago

Because I love Sam Smith, I have watched “Stay With Me” right now and Wiktoria made a fantastic job by singing and letting her duet partner shine 😀 And her outfit was great!