Back in 2015, Loïc Nottet took Belgium back to the Eurovision Top 5 for the first time since 2003. His avant-garde performance of “Rhythm Inside” was a favourite among fans and his career has evolved non-stop since Eurovision. In fact, he became the first ever two-time winner of Team Wiwi’s Top Tracks of the year. “Million Eyes” took the crown in 2016 and “Mud Blood” successfully defended the crown in 2017. Now Loïc is back with another new track and it may be just as good.

“On Fire” — Loïc Nottet

“On Fire” is certainly structured as a journey, with the first verse exploring the emotions of a little boy “too different to belong, too lonely to be strong”. The second verse then turns to a little girl “from a broken family with a silent fantasy”. He also explores themes of worthlessness as he sings “he said that falling down, it wouldn’t make a sound”. Loïc tackles these dark themes but the song has a message of perseverance as he declares “and when I hit the dust, I’m gonna get back up”. He is “not afraid anymore, strong like a warrior”. There’s no keeping this fighter on the ground.

Musically and lyrically, the song is shored up with touches that are trademark Loïc. Electronic flourishes and adventurous instrumentation keep it interesting, but it remains relatable. The storytelling is done in a manner that is consistent with his self exploration in Selfocracy and he explores challenging themes in continuation of his work on “Million Eyes“. He is not afraid to put himself and his inner world out there and the result is tantalising as usual.

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Loïc also unveiled a new look to go along with his new music. Rocking a platinum blond hairdo, we think he is taking “On Fire” quite literally. Loïc looks and sounds better than ever and we can’t wait to join him for the next chapter of his journey.

What do you think of “On Fire”? Are you excited to hear new music from Loïc Nottet? What do you think of his new look? Let us know in the comments below.

“On Fire” lyrics — Loïc Nottet

[Verse 1]
There was a little boy
Too different to belong
Too lonely to be strong (on fire, on fire, oh)
Laying on the ground
He said that falling down
It wouldn’t make a sound (on fire, on fire, oh)

So now I’m gonna show you
‘Til the end of time, ’til the end of time (on fire, on fire)
So now you’re gonna know, yeah
Why I’m gonna shine, why I’m gonna shine

I’m burning, I’m on fire
Here I am, inside the flames
I don’t care anymore, don’t need your oxygen
I’m burning in a new way
Here I am taming the flames
Not afraid anymore, strong like a warrior
And when I hit the dust
I’m gonna get back up
And light up like a flare
I’ll be burnin’, -in’
And when I hit the dust
I’m gonna get back up
And light up like a flare
I’ll be burnin’, -in’ -in’

[Verse 2]
There was a little girl
From a broken family
With a silent fantasy (on fire, on fire, oh)
Her head was in the sky
Heart was made of stars
Her skin was made of scars (on fire, on fire, oh)



Oh, I’m burnin’, I’m on fire
Oh, I’m burnin’

[Chorus (x2)]


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[…] see “29” and we think of Loïc Nottet. The Belgian star set us “On Fire” with his latest single in late 2018. Now, the Eurovision 2015 star has released […]


Come back to Eurovision baby?
Such an Amazing artist and singer!


Please come back to Eurovision, Loïc.

Also, please marry me.



Amazing song and voice, wish he would enter Eurovision again


Loïc Nottet never disappoints. I love his new song. Really looking forward to his next album and the concerts.


This is amazing. A new style and sound, bit still very within character. Look forward to his second studio album!


He should represent Belgium once again, he’s amazing! Absolutely love his musical style and innovative videos