Eurovision in Concert is moving forward. After revealing the date for next year’s event — it’s on 6 April — and confirming that AFAS Live will once again be the venue in 2018, organisers have now published the name of their first special guest.

And it’s a BIG one. Gracing the stage in all her glory will be Nicole, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 with “Ein bißchen Frieden”.

With the Cold War raging, the 17-year old girl mesmerised Europe with her beautiful performance focused on peace and love. “Ein bißchen Frieden” (A Little Peace) was written by Ralph Siegel and the song helped launch both of their careers, turning the composer into a hit machine in Germany and making Nicole an icon of the Eurofandom. Sitting on her chair with just a guitar, she charmed all the viewers at home and won by 60 points over second place “Hora” by Avi Toledano from Israel.

Nicole’s success at Eurovision marked a remarkable milestone for Germany, as she was the first German artist who had won the contest for the country at the heart of Europe. And now the German queen is back in the game!

Last year Nicole released a Eurovision-related album called 12 Punkte (12 points). She covered 15 Eurovision winning songs like “Euphoria” and “Waterloo”, and did German covers of “Only Teardrops” and “Fly on the Wings of Love”.

Of course “Ein bißchen Frieden” has a place on the album, too. Even though the organizers haven’t revealed any more information yet, one can assume that she will perform her winning song again, probably in the multi-language version.

For the second year in a row the concert will take place in AFAS Live. In 2018, the event moved from Melkweg as part of their 10th anniversary celebration. The event will be hosted by Cornald Maas — the Dutch Eurovision commentator — and Marlayne, who took part in Eurovision for The Netherlands in 1999.

AFAS Live can hold up to 6,000 people which is much more than Melkweg. During their last pre-Eurovision event, 32 out of 43 Eurovision acts took part and presented their songs and a few of them even visited the afterparty.

Have you already booked your trip to Amsterdam? Are you as excited as we are about Nicole being a special guest in 2019? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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5 years ago

For me Germany are so overrated that year , with song from Switzerland and Luxembourg. Germany more deserved the win in 1979,1980 especially in 1981 then 1982.
For me TOP 5 in 1982.
1. Belgium
2. Portugal
3. ireland
4. United Kingdom
5. Spain

And if The Netherlands chose “Fantasie eiland” and group The Millionaires , instead Jij en ik sing and singer Bill van Dijk, The Netherlands would be in TOP 2 even winner that year. Song is sold in UK and group Tight Fit had hit song Fantasy Island.

5 years ago

No lie, I’m really interested in hearing how Nicole would cover Euphoria. They’re two radically different performers so the result should be interesting.

5 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Believe me… you are not interested of hearing that…

5 years ago

At first glance I thought they had used a photo of J.K Rowling.

Frisian esc
5 years ago

Yesss, i’m excited! First time i’ll be going to a eurovision event and I forced my sister to go with me 😀