In 2008, Ani Lorak struck like thunder when she brought us the Eurovision classic ‘Shady Lady’ to Belgrade, and stormed her way to second place at the contest. And yesterday the song’s producer Dimitris Kontopoulos released the original lyrics on Instagram!

The image shows the changes and alterations done to the song in the songwriting process. The lyrics “My heart is burning” at the end of the chorus were originally “I’ll give you fever”. The second verse sees the most changes with an entire section altered.

Originally, the song had the title “Magic Lady”. But they changed this as Philipp Kirkorov — one of the two composers — had previously written Belarus’ 2007 entry “Work Your Magic”. They were concerned about looking unoriginal. It must be said that Shady Lady sounds much better!

A song written by Eurogods

‘Shady Lady”s lyrics were written by Euro-legend Philipp Kirkorov, who this week won 4 Pesnya Goda awards (Song of the Year) in his native Russia, and Karen Kavaleryan. Karen also wrote ‘Apricot Stone’ for Armenia in 2010, and ‘Gravity’ for Ukraine in 2013, and has the joint record (with Ralph Siegel) for composing for most countries at Eurovision.

We still love the Eurovision classic, and we love hearing new music from Ani! You can find her YouTube channel HERE. What do you think about the song changes? Do you prefer the original or Eurovision lyrics? Let us know in the comments below!

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I think that Kontopoulos has composed for more countries that Ralph Siegel:

Belarus 2007
Ukraine 2008
Greece 2009 2017
Azerbaijan 2013 2018
Moldova 2018
Russia 2014 2016


Yes Siegel has composed for 5 countries , but G:sson has composed for 7

Polegend Godgarina

Those are some of the dodgiest lyrics I’ve ever read, but this is a hell of a BOP as well as one of the best-performed songs in the competition’s history.

marcus (Day One)
marcus (Day One)

Still so good.
Ukraine so should have won in 2008!!!


Still surprises me how ‘DT’ stage replicas keep working a decade after.