In 2015 they teamed up to bring Lithuania back to the Eurovision grand final with the song “This Time”. But since then Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila have gone their separate ways to continue their own solo careers.

And recently both singers have released new singles for us to enjoy. So here’s a mini round-up of their latest songs.

Vaidas Baumila – “Šalta”

Vaidas Baumila released his latest single, “Šalta” (“Cold”), at the end of November. This new track is much more mid-tempo compared with his fun upbeat release, “Suknelė”, from earlier this year. There’s very simple instrumentation involved, but naturally sometimes less is more. The constant percussion beat helps get you tapping along, while the Lithuanian star’s vocals really suit the minimal production.

In the accompanying music video we see Vaidas pick up a female hitch-hiker as he’s driving. It soon transpires that the woman he has picked up is looking for more than a just a lift. After stopping at a store to pick up some drinks, the pair continue on into the night, but Vaidas still isn’t feeling in the mood for the advances of his companion. Giving up, the mystery woman leaves the car, and from the little we see it seems like the “This Time” singer ends up knocking into her while still driving; she’s soon on ice in the trunk of his car while Vaidas begins digging a grave. However, things take a turn when Vaidas picks up her body out of the car, as it turns out she’s very much still alive and takes the opportunity to get her revenge before beginning the pattern all over again the next night.

Monika Linkytė – “Ant Pasaulio Krašto”

Monika Linkytė’s latest song is “Ant Pasaulio Krašto” (“Edge of the World”). She’s also gone slightly slower compared to her other 2018 single “O Tu?”. A heartwarming uplifting ballad, the track still has a touch of pop to it that brings a nice dynamism to instrumentation and helps take the listener on a journey. Lyrically, the song involves the Lithuanian singer reaching for the sky and finding herself whilst appreciating everything that this life has to offer: “I stand on the edge of the world / reach the stars, touch the sky / I need to escape when I want / so many colours around me / when they are near – I live”.

The music video for the song is simple, but not any less beautiful. In it we see Monika standing on her own in a large black space. But soon lights begin to appear and swirl around her, and the singer finds herself in the midst of an array of stars, truly at the edge of the world.

What do you make of Monika’s and Vaidas’ new releases? Do you want to see them reunite on the Eurovision stage in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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