The first heat of Nacionaline Eurovizijos Atranka 2019 was filmed on Thursday and we finally know the first 12 competing acts. The first show will take place on January 5, but as is Lithuanian tradition, we already know the jury points and how they rated the first acts.

Ieva Zasimauskaitė opened up the show with her song “When We‘re Old” and told all the acts to be sincere, to be themselves and not to think about how to please others, because the most important thing is to please yourself. Amen, sister.

Now let’s get to know some of the competing acts…


Making their return after debuting last year, Twosome bring yet another fun and entertaining song called “1000”. This year the group have more members and once again sing in a few different languages (as with their song “Hello” from last year). They say the song is about expressing your feeling to each other even with an unusual language.


They were the first group to reveal that they’d be taking part in Eurovizijos Atranka 2019. MaNNazz is a group of two artists (husband and wife) working with interpretational contemporary electronic music. It’s all about producing a modern electronic mosaic. The musicians are not newbies on stage. Kami (Kamilė Kielaitė) is a well-known vocalist, songwriter and a beautiful singer, who has been performing professionally for over 13 years. The second member is Bogis (Bogdan Sienkievič) who has won countless beatbox championships.


She is quite a new name in Lithuania but already has a lot of experience as an artist. She’s performed not only in Lithuania but also in Russia, JAV and all around Europe. Our girl is deep: “On the stage I like to replicate my own world. So creating a song starting with an instrumental, including lyrics and singing lines gives me a possibility to show a piece out of my inner perception.” That’s how Migloko describes herself. Her song is called “Rožės” (Roses) and is 100% in Lithuanian. She thinks that it makes the song unique and hopes to take Lithuanian to the big stage in Tel Aviv.

Gabriela Ždanovičiūtė

This sixteen-year old might still be very young but she has already made a name for herself in Lithuania by competing on The Voice and making it all the way to the live shows. She even earned praise from Donny Montell himself. After performing Netta‘s song “Toy” she is now one of the favorites to win that show. Will she do as well in Eurovizijos Atranka with her song “Home Is In Your Heart” written by A. Johnsenas, T. Reilis, J. Reilis ir Ch. Wortley‘us? Only time will tell.


Audrius Petrauskas is trying his luck for the third time this year in Eurovizijos Atranka. And this time he even changed his stage name to Gebrasy to boost his chances. He started his music career by competing in Lithuanian X Factor where he did very well. This year Audrius finally wrote his own song “Acceptance”, which is very special for him. Fun fact: he is also part of the group “Original Copy” which will take part in the preselection this year as well so Gebrasy has two chances at winning.

Eurovizijos Atranka 2019 – Heat 1 competing acts

  • Matas Ligeika – “You Came Here To Fly”
  • Simona – “This Day Begin With Love”
  • Filtered Tools – “Survival”
  • Rūta Statkevičiūtė – “Paradox”
  • Šarūnas Mačiulis – “Traukinys”
  • Aldegunda – “I Want Your Love”
  • Gabriela Ždanovičiūtė – “Home Is In Your Heart”
  • Migloko – “Rožės”
  • Twosome – “1000”
  • MaNNazz – “Blind Bird”
  • Gebrasy – “Acceptance”
  • Glossarium – “Anyone”

Jury points after all the first heat performances:

  • 12 points – Migloko
  • 10 points – MaNNazz
  • 8 points – Gebrasy
  • 7 points – Twosome
  • 6 points – Glossarium
  • 5 points – Matas Lygeika
  • 4 points – Filtered Tools
  • 3 points – Šarūnas Mačiulis and Aldegunda
  • 1 point – Gabriela Ždanovičiūtė
  • 0 points – Simona and Rūta Statkevičiūtė

What do you think of the heat 1 line-up? Who’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 years ago
4 years ago

I didn’t know Lithuanians would start recording the shows so early! Can’t wait to see the first show! Just a couple things more:
– Kami, the singer of MaNNaz tried atranka 3 times: 2012 “Try”, 2008 “Stone” (reaching her first ever final) and 2007 “Man reikia meiles” (opening that year’s selection).
– About Migloko, just a small translation. JAV (Jungtynes Amerikos Valstybes) is the Lithuanian for USA!

Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina
4 years ago
Reply to  Pedro

Omg… I thought it was Japanese Adult Video.