It’s almost time to recruit family, friends and everyone in between to open 75 internet browsers each. That’s because the Eurovision Song Contest’s official social media pages and website have today announced the first piping hot batch of tickets for the 2019 shows will go on sale at the end of January, after the Semi Final Allocation Draw is held on the 28th at the Tel Aviv Museum Of Art.

KAN have chosen Israeli ticket firm Leann to be their ticketing partner for this year’s contest

This is fairly late compared to KAN’s previous estimation — they were hoping tickets would be out by December. It is also much further into the season than usual, with Lisbon 2018’s tickets being available in November 2017.

Tickets going on sale after the allocation draw also means you can console yourself if your favourite country gets drawn into a tough semi. There might be queue panic and nervous typing in of card details once you do make it to the front…but at least you’ll have that sweet ticket in your possession and one hell of a trip to plan.

A huge question is how many tickets will be available? As we previously reported, the arena will seat approximately 7,500 fans as well as standing space for more, who will be amongst a diamond shaped stage with 4 catwalks emerging from it.

The number of standing places could vary widely depending on KAN’s final decision regarding the size of the stage.

Not the only big news today

Eurovision had fed the masses with updates galore today, as they also revealed the logo and graphic design of the 2019 contest. The geometric star design has been used on graphics of the tickets supplied by Eurovision, teasing us to buy, buy, buy when the tickets finally go on sale.

The design fits with the consistent theme we are seeing of triangles being used in the theme, with them making an appearance on stage design too. The idea behind this is the triangles that come together to the make the Star Of David on Israel’s flag.

Will you be in the queue on January 28th and heading to Tel Aviv? Have you already got your squad organised to get that sweet spot in the queue? Let us know if we’ll see you there in the comments below!

Update: This article has been updated. It previously said “tickets for the 2019 shows will go on sale on January 28, after the Semi-Final Allocation Draw is held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.” This has now been updated to reflect the fact the Allocation Draw takes place on the 28th, and sale of tickets will follow “at the end of January” as stated by the EBU. 

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