This week the first live show of Georgian Idol started, and with it, the final ten became eight. Those eight will continue to compete in coming weeks, and eventually the series winner will go on to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2019.

After the first live show, two acts were eliminated: Besik Nemsadze and Georgia’s Junior Eurovision 2010 singer Mariam Kakhelishvili. The remaining eight face more performances and more eliminations before the grand final on 2 March.

But who are your favourites out of the eight acts? Take a look at the performances from this week’s Queen-themed show and vote for your favourites. Remember, you can vote for as many acts as you like, but you can only vote once — so make it count!

Dima Kobeshavidze

Dima has a history of trying his luck on talent shows. He first entered the The Voice – Akhali Khma (The Voice Georgia) in 2013, then had a turn on X Factor Georgia in 2015. Dima also auditioned for Holos Krainy (The Voice Ukraine) in 2016, but did not get past the judges auditions. In 2017, he competed in the Georgian national final with “Scream”, which placed 14th-equal.

Giorgi Nakashidze

After training with an opera background, Georgi switched to rock and hasn’t looked back. Georgi is best known for winning the second season of X Factor Georgia in 2015.

Giorgi Pruidze

Georgi previously competed on X Factor Georgia in 2015, where he made the live shows. This time around, he’s trying his luck with Idol and a Eurovision focus.

Ikako Aleksidze

Last year, Ikako competed on X Factor Georgia. This year’s he’s continuing to develop his singing career, this time with the Idol franschise.

Liza Kalandadze

Liza has previously competed on an earlier series of Georgian Idol and also had a go at X Factor Georgia 2017. She is now making another attempt at Idol, this time with a focus on Eurovision.

Nini Tsnobiladze

In 2012, Nini participated in The Voice – Akhali Khma (The Voice Georgia), where she placed second. Nini also had some success on Holos Krainy (The Voice Ukraine). In 2017, she made it to the live shows, but was eliminated in the first week.

Oto Nemsadze

Oto returns to Georgian Idol after previously winning the 2011 edition of the show. In 2013, he competed in Holos Krainy (The Voice Ukraine) and placed third. In 2017, he competed in Georgia’s national final as part of Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo. Their song “Dear God” placed tenth equal.

Tamar Lachkepiani

Tamar is the only Georgian Idol act who hasn’t previously competed on a television talent show. She has performed in local music festivals, plays the violin and is inspired by the pop legend Rihanna.

Poll: Who is your favourite contestant in Georgian Idol 2019?

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What do you think? Who is your favourite contestant? Who would you like to see represent Georgia in Tel Aviv? Share your thoughts below!

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5 years ago

Nini is amazing singer, wish her luck ??????

5 years ago

Is it me or are all those performances a tad over-dramatic? I mean, who might think it’s a good idea to sing “Radio Gaga” like that?

5 years ago

So, from my point of view:
1) Nini. a beautiful voice and a lot of presence. When she’s on stage, she’s the boss.
2) Ikako. His voice lack of maturity but this young man shines by nice personality and good vibes.
3) Tamar. Not the best voice, but a lot of energy and charisma.
4) Oto. A strong male voice, but not ready on stage. He lack of believe in himself.

5 years ago

The Idols format has a bit of an interesting history in Georgia. There have been three different versions of the format: Geostari, Saqartvelos Varskvlavi, and Chven Varskvlavebi Vart. The first version, Geostari, began its run in 2006 on Rustavi 2, but did not receive an official license from Fremantle (the company that owns and produces the Idols format) until its third season in 2008. That show ran until 2011, and there is an error in the article here: Otar “Oto” Nemsadze actually won the 2010 season of Geostari on 27 December 2010, not the 2011 season (which was the last… Read more »

5 years ago

What even are those photos? They all look like they were made on a dodgy bootleg copy of the Sims. Hope their songs show more personality. Always loved Georgia’s risk taking approach to esc and this casting show format feels like a step back.

5 years ago

Male ones are great, but maybe their advantage is that Queen songs are more suitable for male vocals.