Earlier this year, Malou Prytz became the youngest ever female solo artist to reach the final of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen with “I Do Me”. Her Melfest debut track went on to chart at number 13 on the Swedish Spotify Charts. And now, the 16-year-old rising Swedish popstar is back with her debut EP Enter, and a new music video for her latest single “Left & Right”.

Not only was it a major accomplishment for the then 15-year-old Malou to go direct to the finals from running spot two of semifinal two in Malmo, but this was the first time in Melodifestivalen’s history that an all-female team (from songwriters to staging) had accomplished this.

Fan favourite and Melfest alum Ace Wilder, who helped stage “I Do Me”, is back to work with Malou on her new music video for “Left & Right”.

Malou Prytz – “Left & Right”

The video itself is inspired by Wes Anderson’s movie Moonrise Kingdom, which tells the story of two teenagers in love who are willing to do what they can to be together.

“Left & Right”  is produced by chart-topping Danish producer Vera, and co-written by Finnish writer Teemu Brunila who has previously worked with artists such as Kygo, Trey Songz and David Guetta.

Lyrically, the Swedish star’s follow-up single tells the story of a queen’s journey to her throne, and the love that she feels.

Both “I Do Me” and “Left & Right” are featured on Malou’s debut EP Enter.

The record is a mix of pop bangers with a 90’s vibe, wrapped up in the Swedish singer’s deep and mature vocals. Overall, the selection of tracks are very fitting for someone of Malou’s young age.

Not only does she sing about not being “2 Young 4 Love”, but also about what happens when you have a youthful “Dumb Love”.  The Melfest 2019 contestant also touches on the insecurities that come with being deeply in love in “Where Do We Go”.

Malou Prytz – Enter

The EP is an emotional roller coaster that many teenage girls will relate to as they undergo the journey to become a strong confident woman – the likes of which Malou sings about in “Golden Touch”.

This is the sound of an emerging 16-year-old popstar ready to let the world know that her journey has only just begun.

What do you think of the new music video and EP? Should Malou return to Melfest 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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Arvind kumar
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3 years ago

Sizzling doll

Jesper Hjellnes
Jesper Hjellnes
3 years ago

I love Malou and her songs ? Hope to see her represent Sweden at Eurovision