They represented North Macedonia at Eurovision 2018 with the sleek reggae-pop crossover entry “Lost and Found”. But, the beat of Eye Cue’s drum isn’t stopping anytime soon. The duo have recently released their newest single – the funky, bass-rich “Too Late”.

“Too Late” is a song about overcoming toxic relationships with people that are leading you nowhere. The phone ring-ding-dings, but if the caller ain’t worth your time, leave it hanging!

Musically, the track keeps in style with the Eye Cue signature method of mixing genres. They know how to make sleek mainstream pop that still has a stark identity of it’s own.

Eye Cue – “Too Late”

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Eye Cue note that this new song touches on “that genuine feeling of awareness that sometimes it’s better being on your own than being with someone that drags you down, running in circles in the wrong direction of the spiral.”

The duo believes the rhythms and structure of “Too Late” is representative of the fact that after the sorrow is gone, the happiness of freedom starts to set in:

“The positive and optimistic rhythmic bass line announces the funky groove of the chorus. It’s a moment of celebrating the first step of moving forward that gives you the striving force in search for better days.

And Maria is making quite a statement with her interpretation. One can feel the determination of a young lady ready to show you that nobody is irreplaceable.”

No questions asked. If you’ve got to take a stand, take it!

Despite not qualifying to the grand final in Lisbon, that hasn’t stopped Eye Cue from releasing a steady stream of songs since. Earlier this year they got us “Dancin’“. Then, the duo later explored the intricacies of a relationship on “Love Me, Hate Me“. They might have lost out on the Eurovision trophy, but they’ve certainly found their sound.

Lyrics: Eye Cue – “Too Late”

(Verse 1)
The phone ring-ding ding, the phone ring-ding ding
It’s you calling me, It’s you calling me to see
From now on, I only wanna be, I only wanna be with me
And if the phone ring-ding-ding, I’m not answering

It’s too late for me and you, now we’re done, we’re through
I’m gonna leave it behind
It’s too late, I guess it’s true
I’m gonna leave it, leave it behind

(Verse 2)
Don’t wanna go another round, I don’t want to wait, I know it’s too late
You gotta do the sacrifice, a little sacrifice for me (x2)


Leave it behind (x2)

What do you think of Eye Cue’s latest song? Are you putting “Too Late” on replay? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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