They brought joy to metal fans in the Eurovision bubble with their post-hardcore track “Viszlát Nyár”. Some months after finishing in twenty-first position at Eurovisin 2018, AWS went on to release their fourth studio album, Fekete Részem. Their fans have been craving new music ever since, but the wait is finally over. The Hungarian rockers have just dropped their latest single “Még lélegzem” (“Still breathing”).

The Budakeszi-based band have spent the last year releasing English-language versions of singles from their latest album. But, with this new song, fans finally have some completely original material from the quintet to rock out with.

Leforgattuk az új dalunkhoz a klipet!!! ? Mit szólnátok, ha azt mondanánk, hogy 20-án él?ben meg is hallgathatjátok a…

Posted by AWS on Thursday, August 15, 2019

The group announced the unveiling of “Még lélegzem” last week on Facebook. They posted a picture showcasing the characteristic passion of the individual members of the band. They also added a caption, announcing that a video for a never-heard-before song was now complete. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for them to release the video for us all to watch.

In the video we see the band rocking out and doing their thing underneath a chandelier. Meanwhile, a woman wakes up in an upstairs room dazed and slightly confused after what can be assumed to be a frivolous night out the day before.

However, things don’t settle down for the woman just yet. She stumbles around the building and comes across the AWS lads in various guises. The group get to show off their quirky personalities, which many fans saw during the lead up to Eurovision 2018, as they come across her in the hallways and dining hall.

AWS – “Még lélegzem”

Petőfi Music Awards 2019

AWS premiered “Még lélegzem” during the Petőfi Music Awards programme of the 2019 STRAND Festival. The group performed live on the opening evening of the festival. They brought real passion and fierce heavy metal to the stage, as expected from a band like AWS.

But, it was also a good night for other Hungarian Eurovision alumni at the awards ceremony. Joci Pápai, who has represented the Central European nation twice in the past three years, picked up a trophy. His Eurovision 2019 entry, “Az Én Apám, won him the Song of the Year award. Pápai both wrote and composed the song, besides performing it.

Eurovision 2007’s Magdi Rúzsa received the Female Performer of the Year award. After the show ended, Rúzsa took to Instagram to express her thoughts about receiving the award: “I became the Female Artist of the Year !!! Thank you !!!”

STRAND Festival, as well as including the Petőfi Music Awards, has seen renowned artists from all around the globe performing over the past few days.

English rock band BΔSTILLE spread their “Joy” with the local crowd in Zamárdi. The likes of Ofenbach and Jason Derulo also performed on the same stage. Both Magdi Rúzsa and AWS additionally performed full sets on the main stage.

What do you think of AWS’s new track? Did the Hungarian Eurovision stars deserve their awards? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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3 years ago

On Pet?fi Music Awards the government awards their own artists meaning singers who are deemed to support the opposition or they’re just not on the government’s or national broadcaster’s good side will never win. This is why you won’t see ByeAlex, András Kállay-Saunders (or The Middletonz) or Gabi Tóth ‘Totova’ here. To be honest the majority of Hungarians don’t even follow this award but the ones who do think giving Joci Pápai an award for “Az én apám” is just ridiculous since the song didn’t do well either on music charts or in Eurovision. It was just written by Ferenc… Read more »

3 years ago

Also you forgot to mention that Konyha’s lead singer and one of the jurors from this year’s Hungarian professional Eurovision jury, Szepesi Matyas, won the “Lyricist of the year” award there on Petofi Music Awards. An award similar to that one he got at A Dal this year as well.

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
3 years ago

I’m so happy to see Magdi having a successful career!
Hopefully she’ll even consider a Eurovision comeback! She’s so talented 🙂
Can’t stop listening to her 2007 entry <3

3 years ago

Love these guys. <3