He slayed whilst representing Ukraine at Eurovision 2018, and helped to maintain his country’s perfect qualification record.

And since then MÉLOVIN has built momentum at home with a steady stream of hits — many of which will form the backbone of his eagerly awaited LP “Octopus”.

His latest release is no exception. His new song “Oh, No!” is further proof that there is a lot more under his ladder.

“Oh, No!” is a pop song charged with a strong message. Mélovin calls on his fans to stand up against those trying to manipulate them, and to believe in themselves amid all the noise. This sounds like a protest tune wrapped up in pop, so one could be forgiven for dancing away and failing to absorb the lyrical message. However, for those who dare to stew on the message, there is a lot of meat on the bone.

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Mélovin broke it down.

“This track is my protest to people who are used to hearing only ‘yes’ from others. And ‘yes’ needn’t be said when it kicks you out of your comfort zone, takes away your strength, or results in bad consequences. The story of such manipulation is very common in life and especially in show business. I have faced it personally repeatedly.”

“Sometimes you may not understand when you fall under someone’s influence. But when you do, it is essential to say ‘no’ in such situations, and to stop attempts to make a puppet out of you. I hope my song will help break all the threads with such people and make my fans braver.”

“The funniest thing is that most commonly, these ‘kings’ are actually rats. As I sing in my song, they only pretend to be rulers. Remember that only you can roll the dice because there is always a move that can beat them twice.”


So what do you think of MÉLOVIN’s latest single? Are you loving it as much as we are? Do you feel the power of his message? Let us know in the comments section below.

MÉLOVIN – “Oh, No!” lyrics

Any other day any other time
I would throw myself into a big fat fight
Not because you’re wrong not because I’m right,
Not even cuz it’s used to be mine
But because it’s lame life is not a game
Anyone who says so should know my name
I won’t walk away, I’m not terrified
I’ll just have my “no-oh” in mind

Oh no-no-no-no

Free to give advice
I’m gonna roll the dice
Always have the move that can beat you twice
So you’re looking good, playing to be nice
Really you’re a king of the mice
I will nod my head, things I’ve heard you said
Then I’ll be your dealbreaker instead
I’m not terrified, I won’t look away
All is left my “no-oh” to say

Oh no-no-no-no

We will love and follow its thread
Nothing’s ever a mistake
I see the light, we’ve never lost aim
I gotta go, I cannot stay


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Polegend Godgarina

congrats on selling 2 copies

Kirby Romford
Kirby Romford

Oh sweet porcelain vampire is back with another bop!


One more Melovin-style catchy song with good profound meaning. Good job, baby! Look forward to hearing the entire ‘Octopus’


well it sounds not bad, i can actually understand what he is singing, seems like Danilko finally has found a good English teacher for his protege , as he promised before )))

????? ???????????
????? ???????????

Mel is not Danilko’s protege at all))) But his English is better, I agree


as i remember cutie pie Melovin said his vampire period is passed , but currently he looks even more Gothic and dark then ever, lol
I like catchy new song, his English sounds much better , good for him:)
And why dear Deban didn’t mention that Melovin now has own ballet, four hot male dancers, who look like guys from Hatari band *swoon* 😛
I like how Melovin now is dance on stage, looks cool 😀


His enunciation is so much better now, hope he returns one day! 🙂


I bet he will, in near few years i guess 🙂