They say the third time is the charm.

And Serbia‘s Eurovision broadcaster RTS will hope that is the case when Beovizija 2020 kicks off next month.

RTS has revealed the two semi-finals have been scheduled for February 28 and February 29. The final will follow on March 1.

The news was announced through the broadcaster’s social media channels:

In total 24 acts are in the running to represent Serbia in the Netherlands in May. They’ll be split between the semi-finals and six acts will advance from each heat to the final. The eventual winner will be decided by split votes from a jury and Serbian televoters.

Who are the Beovizija 2020 semi-finalists?

Girl group Hurricane, grand dame of the former Yugoslavia Neda Ukraden and Bane Mojićević are among big name stars competing in this year’s Beovizija.

You can see a full list of entrants below:

1. Igor Simić – “Ples za rastanak”
Music: Daniel Kajmakoski, Matej Đajkovski, Vladimir Danilović
Lyrics: Vladimir Danilović

2. Sanja Bogosavljević – “Ne puštam”
Music: Sanja Bogosavljević
Lyrics: Kristina Kovač

3. Rocher etno bend – “Samo ti umeš to”
Music: Rastko Aksentijević
Lyrics: Rastko Aksentijević

4. Neda Ukraden – “Bomba”
Music: Dušan Bačić, Dejan Nikolić
Lyrics: Dušan Bačić

5. Marko Marković – “Kolači”
Music: Vladimir Graić, Marko Marković
Lyrics: Nemanja Filipović, Leontina Vukomanović

6. EJO – “Trag”
Music: Stevan Milijanović
Lyrics: Stevan Milijanović

7. Karizma – “Ona me zna”
Music: Dušan Janićijević, Dejan Jelisavčić
Lyrics: Dejan Jelisavčić

8. Andrija Jo – “Uvek”
Music: Jimmy Jansson, Palle Hammarlund
Lyrics: Laurel Barker

9. Naiva – “Baš baš”
Music: Žika Zana
Lyrics: Jelena Zana

10. Bojana Mašković – “Kao muzika”
Music: Goran Kovačić
Lyrics: Bojana Mašković

11. Ivana Jordan – “Vila”
Music: Ivana Jordan
Lyrics: Ivana Jordan

12. Bane Mojićević – “Svet sa Prokletija”
Music: Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo
Lyrics: Mirko Šenkovski Geronimo

13. Ivan Kurtić ft. Geapsy Train – “Sabajle”
Music: Nikola Burovac
Lyrics: Miloš Roganović

14. Hurricane – “Hasta la Vista”
Music: Nemanja Antonić
Lyrics: Sanja Vučić

15. Milan Bujaković ft. Olivera Popović – “Niti”
Music: Petar Pupić
Lyrics: Petar Pupić, Milan Bjelica, Luka Racić

16. Nenad Ćeranić – “Veruj u sebe”
Music: Alek Aleksov, Nenad Ćeranić
Lyrics: Alek Aleksov, Nenad Ćeranić

17. Bora Dugić i Balkubano – “Svadba velika”
Music: Nikola Burovac, Danijel Đurić
Lyrics: Nikola Burovac, Danijel Đurić

18. Ana Milenković – “Tajna”
Music: Dušan Bačić
Lyrics: Dušan Bačić

19. Srđan Lazić – “Duša i telo”
Music: Srđan Lazić
Lyrics: Srđan Lazić, Dejan Ivanović

20. Lazar Živanović – “Puklo je nebo”
Music: Michael James Day
Lyrics: Adis Eminić

21. Milica Mišić – “Kiša”
Music: Sashka Janx
Lyrics: Sashka Janx

22. Thea Devy – “Sudnji dan”
Music: Pele Loriano, Beth Morris, Dom Scott
Lyrics: Petar Spirić, Aleksandra Lazarević Spirić

23. Biljana Đurđević – “Raj”
Muisc: Tina Amvon
Lyrics: Tina Amvon

24. Aleksa Vučković – “Samo mi kaži”
Music: Dimitrije Borčanin, Aleksa Vučković
Lyrics: Dimitrije Borčanin, Aleksa Vučković

Fans won’t have to wait long to hear this year’s entries. Songs will debut on RTS’ Youtube Channel on February 6.

Should there be any issues with the winning performer or song, RTS has stated they will choose who will go to Eurovision in their place.

What do you think about the Beovizija 2020 lineup? Which act are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

Hurricane is going, it’s a stinking set-up. The contest has, been rigged for years already!!!!! That’s why big names don’t want to apply to compete and if they do they are not qualified to be in final list lol. Who pays for the licence he chooses the winner.

4 years ago
Reply to  Danny

You are wrong! The same was said the last year, when a HUGE celebrity competed, Dzenan, and guess what. He didn’t win. Hurricane is under the spotlight right now, enjoying enormous success, so public will probably give them 12 for liking them, and that’s FAIR AND SQUARE. If jury isn’t some group of 70 y.o. no one ever heard of “professionals” then Hurricane will get total of 24 or close to that, deservingly, IF they have a great song and performance as expected.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nina

Nina, that’s because it was rigged AGAINST Dzenan lol… everyone knows it. The jury tanked him. This year the rumour is it will be rigged FOR Hurricane…… big difference.

4 years ago
Reply to  SuperSerbia

Everyone said that JURY will push Dzenan to win, not that they will vote against him. Read last year comments carefully. So, the bottom line is – It is not a fixed contest, at least not 100% as some are saying here. Jury votes MIGHT be manipulated to some extent, but to say that the winner is preselected is a stupid thing

4 years ago

Andrija Jo or Aleksa Vuckovic!

4 years ago

Praying that RTS’ jury isn’t a bunch of 70 year olds that would surely vote down a fresh bop which is what Hasta La Vista is supposed to be

Megxit over
Megxit over
4 years ago

Bomba for da win

4 years ago

You can already hear a song of Neda Ukraden, Bomba. It had been released long time ago, even though RTS has a strict rule that songs CANNOT be made available until specific date (6th Feb in this case), and her song already has around 600.000 views, clear advantage over other competitors. Really interested to see what will RTS decide over Neda’s issue lol

4 years ago

SO MUCH set for February 29th! (Dora, Songvakeppnin, Eesti Laul, MF Andra Chansen, Beovizija semi…)
This is why I would much prefer national finals slowly seeping since November rather than having an overload in late January – early March. I’d like to follow as much as possible, but it’s really hard to do so.

4 years ago

I cant wait to see Hurricane perform, you dont see everyday girlbands that look and sound great

4 years ago

Beovizija is getting better and better.. I cannot wait to hear songs and see live performances! Goodl luck Serbia!

4 years ago

Really excited for Hurricane “Hasta la Vista”