They may not have made it to Rotterdam and they may be scattered all over Reykjavík (and probably Berlin). But Daði og Gagnamagnið are still willing and able to have some fun while respecting social distancing.

Their latest video shows the band come together in a quarantine video to perform “Think About Things”. But this version comes with a decidedly homespun feel — and it even features Hulda’s adorable dog. Woof woof!

It’s Gagnamagnið at their best, just doing their own thing and staying totally true to themselves. They’re seen making popcorn, drinking coffee and enjoying life as much as possible during these weird times.

Daði is seen at his home music studio, which you may recognise from his recent cover of Eleni’s “Fuego”. His wife keeps busy in the kitchen, while Stefan appears to be the late riser, showing up a little bit after things get rolling and removing his bathrobe.

They all wear their signature mint green sweatshirts, which you can actually purchase on their web site if you want to adopt some Icelandic style of your own!

The video was made with the sponsorship of RÚV and the weekly talkshow “Vikan með Gísla Marteini”, which is hosted by the Icelandic commentator.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy: “Think About Things” cover

And more and more stars are jumping on the “Think About Things” train, the latest being Ireland’s 2018 representative, Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

On April 2nd, Ryan participated in the very first episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, along with Tamara Todevska, Slavko and Rasmussen.

Ryan decided to strengthen the bond between Ireland and Iceland even more by doing his own version of “Think About Things”. And he enlisted the help of friends and family to serve some major Data vibes. Look closely and you’ll see a keyboard attached to a cello and a digital camera attached to a guitar. It’s all very playful and captures the vibe of the original rather well.

Despite lockdowns, quarantines and the general fear permeating society, there is always hope and joy somewhere in the world. And Daði, Gagnamagnið and Ryan O’Shaughnessy have proven that. Stay strong y’all! This WILL come to an end.

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Generic Eurovision Fan
Generic Eurovision Fan
7 months ago

I said this in the comments section on Ryan’s YouTube channel. No one can remake Think About Things. It has been immortalised by the Icelandic God of Pop, Daði Freyr

9 months ago

Ryan and family were brilliant.

9 months ago

Rasmussen’s ‘Higher ground’, Tamara’s ‘Soldi’, and Slavko’s ‘Space’ were fantastic, but, for me, Ryan stole the show in the first episode of Eurovision Home Concerts. Both his performances were amazing. That guy is very talented. Plus, bonus points for the Irish ass shaking. 🙂