In recent years, more and more countries have set their hopes for Eurovision glory on an internal selection process. In 2020, 17 countries have selected their songs internally. That’s up two from last year.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to vote for their favourite internally selected entry of Eurovision 2020. The results are now in — and it was Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears who came out on top.

“Répondez-moi” by Gjon’s Tears is your favourite internally selected Eurovision 2020 entry

More than 6,000 votes were cast. In the end, Gjon’s Tears topped the ranking with his song “Répondez-moi”. The Swiss singer-songwriter earned 15.26% of the votes, which is 960 votes to be precise.

Just like last year, Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR ran an internal selection process to select their entry. And it seems like it was a good decision. Not only did he win this poll, the Swiss star quickly became one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2020 with the bookies following the reveal of “Répondez-moi”.

Here’s how Wiwiblogger William reviewed the song:

At times “Répondez-moi” sounds like a prayer — it’s deeply personal and at times you almost feel uncomfortable listening. But naturally, you do, drawn in by Gjon’s visceral delivery and pure vocals. The song progresses in so many ways — melodically and emotionally. It all builds to that note — as if heaven is answering his prayer. Surely this would have been a contender to win it all.

The remaining results

In second place is Bulgaria’s Victoria and her song “Tears Getting Sober”, which received 716 votes (11.38%). Taking home the bronze medal were Russia’s Little Big, who secured 649 votes (10.31%) for their song “Uno”. Rounding out the top five are Germany’s Ben Dolic and Malta’s Destiny.

Further down in the top ten are Azerbaijan, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland and Spain.

Full results: Best internally selected Eurovision 2020 entry

  1. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – “Répondez-moi”, 15.26% (960 votes)
  2. Bulgaria: Victoria – “Tears Getting Sober”, 11.38% (716 votes)
  3. Russia: Little Big – “Uno”, 10.31% (649 votes)
  4. Germany: Ben Dolic – “Violent Thing”, 10.06% (633 votes)
  5. Malta: Destiny – “All Of My Love”, 9.04% (569 votes)
  6. Azerbaijan: Efendi – “Cleopatra”, 8.77% (552 votes)
  7. Greece: Stefania – “Superg!rl”, 7.17% (451 votes)
  8. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – “Grow”, 4.26% (268 votes)
  9. Ireland: Lesley Roy – “Story Of My Life” 4.16% (262 votes)
  10. Spain: Blas Cantó – “Universo”, 3.21% (202 votes)
  11. United Kingdom: James Newman – “My Last Breath”, 3.16% (199 votes)
  12. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – “Take Me As I Am”, 3.11% (196 votes)
  13. Belgium: Hooverphonic – “Release Me”, 3.04% (191 votes)
  14. Cyprus: Sandro – “Running”, 2.34% (147 votes)
  15. Austria: Vincent Bueno – “Alive”, 2.08% (131 votes)
  16. North Macedonia: Vasil – “You”, 1.51% (95 votes)
  17. France: Tom Leeb – “Mon alliée (The Best in Me)”, 1.14% (72 votes)

Total votes: 6,293

Are you happy with these results? Do you think any of these songs could have gone on to win Eurovision 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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Daly's Tears
Daly's Tears
2 years ago

Rightful Winner! <3 Gjon is a great artist and He was a contender to Win with this Beautiful Song! Happy that he'll be back in 2021!

2 years ago

Yes, and I believe that he could win at this Eurovision, these goosebumps are something incredible, the same feeling was from 1944 in 2016.

2 years ago

Switzerland must keep internally selecting their songs. My favourite of the internally select songs is Germany, with Bulgaria a close second.

Fan From Texas
Fan From Texas
2 years ago


Odysseas Mpikis
Odysseas Mpikis
2 years ago

Couldn’t be any other way.

2 years ago

And rightfully so. Gjon has a stellar voice!!!