Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 29 Part 2

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Alexander Rybak – “Magic”

Alexander Rybak took Europe to a fairy-tale land at Eurovision 2009. Now the Belarusian-Norwegian star is adding a splash of “Magic” to proceedings with his new single. A happy-go-lucky track with the usual dose of Rybak’s charming personality, the song aims to put a smile on the listeners face and to get them bopping along in the process. In an Instagram post, the Eurovision champion spoke about how the release of “Magic” felt like a fresh start for him following recent troubles:

“I’ve had soooo much fun working on this song in my little studio, and I really really reeeally hope you like it. Every time I release a song, people call it “comeback from Rybak”. Well, this summer truly feels like a comeback, because I finally feel like myself again, much thanks to you! I can’t wait for all of you to dance and sing to this summer song, and spread the #magic to those who may need some.”

If you want even more from Alexander Rybak, the star also dropped two music videos this week for his recent single “Give Me Rain” and the song’s Russian-language version “Позади” (“Behind”).

Jedward – “Taste The Heat”

Irish twins Jedward – that’s John and Edward Grimes – have released their first music video in over three years. The two-time Eurovision participants (2011 and 2012) have taken the time while in Los Angeles to film a video for their song “Taste The Heat”, which comes from their 2019 album Voice Of A Rebel. Set in an American diner, Jedward begin flirting with the waitress who serves them their milkshake and pancakes.

Alexey Vorobyov – “Алёнка”

Since competing at Eurovision 2011, Alexey Vorobyov has become a star of both music and film. The Russian star’s new single is “Алёнка” (“Alyonka”). A soft-rock track, it’s filled with guitar instrumentation. Vorobyov is keeps things simple for the song’s lyric video. It features the Eurovision alum strumming his guitar out in the wilderness.

If you want more from the Russian singer, last month he released the single “Love Is All That Matters”. Credited using his English name, Alex Sparrow, the music video for the song shows support to the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Tom Leeb (feat. Jérôme Quériaud) – “Run Away”

France’s Tom Leeb may have had his Eurovision experience snatched away from him, but the singer is making sure the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 isn’t stopping his musical endeavours all together. Leeb’s new single is “Run Away”. Featuring French musician Jérôme Quériaud, the track is an emotional piano ballad. There’s minimal production, with the focus instead on Leeb’s vocals. The accompanying music video sees the star contemplating things as he walks along a sand dune.

Poli Genova – “How We End Up”

Poli Genova truly got her Eurovision redemption when she returned to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2016, taking her country to the top four for the first time. Now, following the birth of her son, Genova is back with her new single “How We End Up”. A pop-dance track, it’s the first song from her upcoming album Tvoya (Yours). The music video sees the Bulgarian star wearing eye-catching pink hair extensions and a long-sleeved overall as she throws down some moves along with ten backing dancers. Speaking about the song in the press release, Poli explains why she returned to the English language for this song:

“I was dreaming exactly for a return like this! How we end up is an extremely powerful song with a great potential not only for the Bulgarian audience but also for the global market. It was created by a successful international team of music professionals and I am proud to be part of this project.”

Frans – “Mm mm mm”

Frans’ third single in the lead up to his new album is “Mm mm mm”. Sweden’s Eurovision 2016 star delivers a mid-tempo sound underlined by a recurring percussion beat. In a video on Instagram, Frans explained that the song was written in Sopot, Poland, just before going on stage to perform. He goes on to share what the song means to him and jokes about the name of single:

“To me, it’s about a relationship that could have been. All the circumstances were right, but it just didn’t happen for some reason. Not sure why. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what it’s about. It’s your interpretation that matters. How you, the listener, transforms it into something else; into your own experiences. Not a great name. We couldn’t figure out a name, so we called it ‘Mm mm mm’.”

Damir Kedžo – Poljubi Me Sad

His Eurovision journey may have been cut short, but Croatia’s Damir Kedžo has made sure to put the extra time he’s gained since the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 to good use. The star has now released his sophomore album. Coming twelve years after his debut LP, Poljubi Me Sad (Kiss Me Now) features 14 tracks, including his Eurovision 2020 song “Divlji Vjetre”, it’s remix version and his recent single “Nedodirljiva”“. Speaking about the album on Instagram, Kedžo noted:

“The title of the album, POLJUBI ME SAD, is something I believe in endlessly. Love. Each of these songs creates a special feeling in me, bringing me back to the moments of my life when I recorded them. They were different, but one thing remained the same: love for what I do and sincerity in wanting to connect with you who listen to them.”

Robin Bentgtsson – “Die With You”

Robin Bengtsson has gifted fans with his second new single in two weeks. “Die With You” is a guitar-driven track with an almost acoustic sound to it thanks to the minimal production. Sweden’s Eurovision 2017 star sings about how he wants to be with his loved one during his final moments in this world: “I want to breathe you in with my final breathe / Gonna sleep here in your arms / Don’t wanna leave this world / But I know when I do / Baby, I want to die with you”.

Michael Rice – “Breaking Free”

Michael Rice showed off his vocal power when competing at Eurovision 2019. Now, the British star is showing off the more tender side to his voice with his new single “Breaking Free”. An emotional piano ballad, Rice lets his voice capture the heart of the listener. Backing vocals by a choir from the second verse onward helps create an uplifting atmosphere to the song. This marries the lyrical content, with Rice signing about moving on from his small town roots and chasing his dreams: “I’m breaking free / Let them say what they want to say / I’m going to do it anyway … I’m going to dive into the unknown / I’m going to make this on my own”.

Alfred Garcia – 1016 En Directo: Fin De Gira

Spanish singer Alfred Garcia has released 1016 En Directo, a live album recorded in November 2019 at the final show of his 1016 tour show, along with videos of four live performances from the concert. The album is mostly comprised of tracks from his debut album, but he throws in a few cover versions of his favourites. However, you won’t hear his Eurovision song “Tu canción” or his album duet with Amaia “Et vull veure”. 1016 Directo has a classic live rock feel to it, a little old-fashioned, but if the audience screams are anything to go by, Alfred is giving his fans just what they want. (Robyn)

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Vetenim kimiyem”

With his latest song, Chingiz Mustafayev is honouring the Azeri soldiers that have died while serving their country. “Vetenim kimiyem” is a slow ballad with influences of traditional instrumentation. In the music video’s description, Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2019 singer revealed that he was inspired to write this song after coming across a photo of the children of one of these service personnel:

“I came across a photo of the children of one of our [service personnel]. That image affected me very badly. Despite her young age, the brother wiped away his sister’s tears. He called her to be strong and proud. Although he was young and tall, the brother showed his spiritual and inner greatness towards his sister.”

Minus One (feat. Marina Orlova) – “My Girl (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)”

Cypriot band Minus One rocked the Eurovision stage in 2016. Now, the group have released the new song “My Girl (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)” alongside singer Marina Orlova. The song is a traditional American folk tune, made famous by American rock band Nirvana, but Minus One have included a sample of a 1940s recording by the iconic bluesman Lead Belly. The addition of Orlova’s vocals puts a new twist on the track, but Minus One are still there to bring the full-on rock sound that fans know them for.

Kállay Saunders, Alex Torres and Zubi (feat. anatu) – “she never noticed…”

Hungary’s Kállay Saunders continues his string of recent releases with “she never noticed…”. For this song the Eurovision 2014 star has teamed up with guitarist Alex Torres, singer-songwriter Zubi and producer anatu. It’s a mid-tempo track that mixes Torres’ guitar playing with more hip-hop style production. Lyrically, Saunders sings about the effort he’s put into a relationship, only for his partner not to appreciate the gestures: “I got roses / She don’t notice / She got all this / She never noticed”.

Syn Cole and Victor Crone – “Catch”

Last year, Swedish singer Victor Crone and Estonian DJ Syn Cole collaborated on “Discovery”. Now the two artists are teaming up again for the new song “Catch”. Crone, who represented Estonia at Eurovision 2019, provides vocals for the summer dance track. The accompanying lyric video also aims to get you in the summer mood, with scenes of people enjoying their time in the pool and on the beach.

Jessy Matador – “Oh mon bateau”

Jessy Matador was one of a selective group of past Eurovision stars that got to make a cameo in Netflix’s Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. France’s Eurovision 2010 singer has recently released the new song “Oh mon bateau” (“Oh my boat”). An upbeat summery song that taps into his Congolese heritage, it aims to get the listener enjoying life and dancing along. The music video was filmed in Nice, and naturally features Matador singing on top of a boat.

Martina Barta (feat. Radek Baborak) – “What A Wonderful World”

“What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong has become one of the best known songs across the globe, with many artists performing a cover of the track. The latest Eurovision star to take on the song is the Czech Republic’s Martina Barta. The Eurovision 2017 alum revealed on social media that she recorded the track during lockdown with the help of two groups in Berlin and Prague. Barta’s cover includes a French horn solo courtesy of Radek Baborak.

Gergő Rácz – “Mindent itt hagyo”

Gergő Rácz represented Hungary at Eurovision 1997 as part of the boy band V.I.P. Earlier this year he won A Dal 2020, Hungary’s former Eurovision selection show, alongside Reni Orsovai. Now, Rácz has released the new solo song “Mindent itt hagyo” (“I leave everything here”). The single sees the Hungarian singer trying to show off a more urban-R’n’B style to his sound. The lyrics of the song are about perseverance, with Rácz saying he won’t let people stand in his way any longer: “I’ll leave everything here for once / I will never turn back again / And then I’ll never back down / You’ll see”.

Feli – “Amintirile”

Many fans will remember Feli as the fan favourite going into Romania’s Selecţia Naţională 2018. Although the star didn’t make it to Eurovision, Feli continues to make new memories with her latest songs. Feli is going back 20 years for her new track by reinventing the song “Amintirile” (“Memories”), originally performed by Romanian trio 3 Sud Est. The Selecţia Naţională alum brings the song firmly into 2020 and adds her own flavour to it.

Omar Rudberg – “Läppar”

Two-time Melodifestivalen star Omar Rudberg has released the new song “Läppar” (“Lips”). The Swedish artist mixes sung vocals sections with some quicker-paced rap sections for this pop-R’n’B offering. At 2:30 minutes in length it’s a relatively short track, but Rudberg makes sure to fill it full of content – prioritising lyrics over instrumental breaks.

Sigrid Bernson – “Sommaren i City”

Sigrid Bernson paid tribute to American actor Patrick Swayze at Melfest 2018. And for her new song she’s paying tribute to another set of artists. “Sommaren i City” (“Summer in the City”) is a cover of the song originally performed by Swedish girl group Angel in 1990. Bernson’s version is relatively faithful to the original, but still adds in more contemporary production to make it a song for today.

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