In most countries, traditional live music concerts are off-limits, as authorities work to slow the spread of Covid-19. But Ukraine rock band O.Torvald has found a way to give their fans a live music show while also practising safe social distancing — they went vertical.

The group called it a “vertical concert”, held at Hotel Bratislava in Kyiv, Ukraine. The popular rock band — who represented Ukraine on home turf at Eurovision 2017 — set up on the roof of a nearby building, while fans watched from the balconies of the hotel rooms.

Each hotel room was limited to only four guests — but that was more than enough for eager O.Torvald fans. Guests were able to stay the night in their rooms, solving the problem of getting home from a late gig, and also taking care of accommodation issues for any out-of-town fans.

Video of the event shows groups of friends enjoying the concert from their balconies, being free to jump around, sing and shout without needing to wear a mask.

It was a very fan-focused event. The band’s set-list was made up of requests, with the band promising even to play old, seldom-heard tracks. Fans made online submissions and O.Torvald played the 26 most requested songs. There’s no word whether the band played their Eurovision 2017 entry “Time”.

Frontman Yevhen Halych weighed in on the unusual experience, saying, “The audience isn’t as close as we would like them to be and it makes playing more difficult. But in general? It’s cool, it’s cool anyway.”

O.Torvald’s next concert will also involve social distancing. Their acoustic set on 21 August in Kyiv promises “comfortable sunbeds, delicious cocktails and a safe distance.”

O.Torvald – Vertical Concert, live at Hotel Bratislava, Kyiv

O.Torvald’s vertical concert is one way that a live event has been held in order to keep audience socially distant and avoid Covid-19 infection. In other countries, live shows have been held in arenas with a widely-space seated audience or by having a drive-in experience, with the audience watching from their cars.

While fans have wondered if such measures will be used for Eurovision 2021, the EBU has said: “The current situation across Europe is likely to remain uncertain for the coming months and at this stage, we cannot comment on the final organization for the Eurovision Song Contest next year.”

What do you think? Should Eurovision 2021 be held as a vertical concert? Would you like to attend a show like this? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Image credits: Oli Zitch

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3 years ago

Best ever entry from Ukraine! So underrated.. More rock in ESC please