She’s among Greece’s brightest stars, known not only for her impressive catalgoue of music, but also her style cred — including the Attrativo X Tamta fashion line.

So it’s no surprise that in her new music video for the dance hit “Yala”, Tamta is turning out the looks — from pink swimwear to a thigh-skimming red dress that’s sure to raise the temperature on your summer.

As we mentioned with the audio release last month, the word “Yala” can mean a lot of things — come on, let’s go and hurry up to name but a few. But when you pair it with the musical stylings of Queen Tamta, it most definitely means party.

Tamta and Stephane Legar – “Yala” music video

The video opens with Tamta being chauffeured through the sunny streets: Her heels are not made for pounding the pavement. She may be basking in the A/C and the shade, but our girl is bringing the fire with a bright red dress and matching lippie. Her outfit screams “complete look”, but she’s got different plans: “We ready for the night out, I’ma change my dress again, decked out to get down, ay, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Before she strips down to head out, Tamta and her crew perform some highly effective choreography before a grey modernist building. Their red allure is unmissable, and so is Tamta’s very long braid. We know this superstar has her feet on the ground — and it seems like her hairpiece wants to compete!

Cyprus’ Eurovision 2019 star, who still has our love on “Replay”, has collaborated with Israeli singer, dancer and model Stephane Legar for the track, which comes from her recently released EP “Awake”.

With its blaring sax, Middle Eastern sounds and Stephane’s non-stop swagger, the song is a call to get out and live your life — not tomorrow, but right now. As Tamta sings: “We walk like animals, don’t need no money, we worry about nothing else, just wanna party, so come along let’s go…”

And where do they go? A house with a pool at the edge of the sea! Looking straight out of Architectural Digest, the plush digs turn into a playground for Tamta to enjoy the sun as she works it in a red bathing suit with matching swim cap. At times she doesn’t juts duplicate — she triplicates. This is a fantasy we can live with.

Stephane, who was born in Israel to parents from Togo, delivers his thrusting rap in elegant French. It’s an enticing mix presented with his ever-present fire. At times he shouts out to Tamta, helping build the hype, but this multi-talented star is very much part of the appeal.

The songwriters behind this get-up-and-go track should be very familiar to Eurofans. Dutch songwriters Marcia Sondeijker and Roel Rats previously brought you Kristin Husøy’s “Pray for Me” (MGP 2020) and Catharina Zühlke’s “Eternity” (UMK 2020), among others.

Writing on Instagram, Marcia was full of praise for Georgian-born Tamta. “Couldn’t be more proud of the whole team,” she wrote. “Tamta, thank you so much for believing in us and for killing the vocals. Stephane, OMG your rap is fire.”

What do you think of Tamta’s new video? Are you living for Stephane’s feature? Shout out your thoughts below!

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6 days ago

Tamtas daughter is 5 years older that Stephane. Pretty weird to think about it.

Maya G
Maya G
8 days ago

Tamta and Stephane were interviewed about their collaboration on a segment in KAN’s evening news edition

Maya G
Maya G
8 days ago
Reply to  Maya G

It’s stated in the segment that the song was originally titled “Dollar”, but after Tamta’s stay in Israel, where she kept hearing the word “Yalla” (an Arabic word very commonly used by Israelis to either encourage or hasten, sort of like “come on” or “let’s do this”) it was renamed.

8 days ago

The song is a total banger. Thanks, Tamta.