In one week’s time, Eurovision 2019 champion Duncan Laurence will finally release his debut album. Before then, the Dutch star has released the new single “Feel Something”. This new track sees Laurence collaborate with the world-famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren.

Duncan and Armin van Buuren first got to know each other last year when they met during an award show in the Netherlands. Duncan explains to Dutch radio station Qmusic how the collaboration came about:

“We were just chatting a bit backstage and then he asked if I would like to go into the studio together and see what it would sound like. I loved it.”


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FEEL SOMETHING, November 6. We are sooooo ready. How about you?

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EDM meets singer-songwriter in “Feel Something”

When they were in the studio, Duncan let Armin hear the demo of “Feel Something”. The successful DJ loved it. “Then we knew we wanted to try it together”, says Duncan. “I am very happy with the result. I feel that the two worlds are merged. EDM from Armin and the side of singer-songwriter pop music – storytelling – from my side. I am very proud of it.”

Indeed, the result is strong collaboration that seamlessly blends the two artists’ musical styles. “Feel Something” is both catchy and danceable, but also allows Duncan Laurence to deliver the emotion through his vocals.

Armin van Buuren & Duncan Laurence – “Feel Something”

In the interview with Qmusic, Duncan Laurence said that he learned a lot from Armin: “He knows exactly when to release a pop track and when to opt for a more trance-like vibe. I find that very strong and Armin is an example”. Duncan went onto explain that he wants to apply that balance when making his own music: “I also want to find a way to alternate between real pop music and more singer-songwriter songs.”

The collaboration between Armin and Duncan may also ensure that the Eurovision winner reaches a new audience with his music. “I am eternally grateful to him for that,” says Duncan. “I think it’s a great opportunity to be able to work with Armin and yet also to be able to let your voice be heard to so many new people. That’s really cool.”

“Feel Something” will appear on Duncan Laurence’s debut album Small Town Boy, which will be released this coming Friday 13 November.

What do you think of “Feel Something”? Do you think Duncan should work with DJs like Armin van Buuren more often? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
3 years ago

No comment on this one? Harsh.
I guess you’d rather feel something, maybe.