Ulrikke isn’t just dreaming of a cosy Christmas — she’s helping create one with her warm and uplifting studio album Spend Christmas With Me. After listening to the 10-track wonder, we’re sure all of her fans, all of the Elves and even Saint Nick himself will be gathering round her tree!

Speaking to Wiwibloggs, Ulrikke said celebrating the holidays through music has long been a goal.

“It has always been a huge dream of mine to be honest,” she says. “Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the music, the snow, the family gatherings and also how extra warm and nice people get around that time. And since we all got a little extra time on our hands this year due to the pandemic, it was a perfect time to lock myself in at my cabin to write together with my musical director.”

Christmas is always magical. But she thinks the pandemic has given the notion of hope, love and coming together a whole new meaning. “I think people maybe need it more this year than before,” she says. “It has been a rough year for everyone, so if I am able to spread some joy, put smiles on peoples faces, and give them something to look forward to, then I’m beyond happy.”

In her Eurovision 2020 song “Attention” she proved she could hit those high notes. Any chance she’d take on the ultimate Christmas power pop song “All I Want For Christmas” at some point in the future? It’s not off the table. As she says, “Never say never.”

Back in May, Ulrikke told us that getting her puppy Onyx was a life-changing event. So we were thrilled to see the doggy in the official press pictures for the album. They look gorgeous!

“Aww, thank you so much! The two favourite men in my life were behind the camera — my boyfriend Oskar and my manager Christoffer.”

“Onyx is doing great, she is literally the perfect dog. She was in the studio with me during the entire recording process, and I even think you might hear her make a little grunt on one of the tracks. Even though it has been a rough year, especially with Eurovision being cancelled, I am still smiling and looking forward to 2021 – it is going to be a very exciting year.”

The album mixes popular songs and originals. Among the highlights is her collab with Ben Adams from the world-famous boy band A1. They previously found success with their version of “Shallow” on Allsang på Grensen. The performance has amassed over four million views.

“Ben and I have worked so well together since Allsang,” she says in a press release. “I wanted a cool Christmas pop song on the album, and there was no one else I could imagine writing with other than Ben. Our duet is also the title track on the album.”

Is Ulrikke’s Christmas album warming your egg nog? Does it make you want to get cosy under some mistletoe? Let us know in the comments box down below!

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Lebanese esc fan
Lebanese esc fan
3 years ago

Her voice is really warm and inviting. Really liked this compilation of songs based on the snippets. Good job Ulrikke, and hopefully we see her at some point in Eurovision.